Historic Map - Honey Grove, TX - 1886

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Honey Grove, Tex. Fannin County 1886. Drawn by H. Wellge. Beck & Pauli, litho.

Historic map of Honey Grove, TX, published in 1886. Davy Crockett was said to have camped in a grove in 1836, just west of what is now the town square of Honey Grove, on his way to the Alamo to join the Texas Army in San Antonio. It is known that he sent many letters back to Tennessee, describing the grove with hollow trees filled with honey. The first settler in Honey Grove was Samuel Erwin, who arrived in 1842. Samuel Erwin was a friend of Davy Crockett and Crockett actually performed the wedding ceremony for Erwin and his wife.

This map captures the town as it appeared the same year as one of its most famous citizens was born, Erwin Evans Smith, born in 1886. Famous as "the greatest photographer of the Old West", Smith's work is familiar to all Americans, having helped design the Buffalo nickel and the faces of Mt. Rushmore. Smith lived until 1947 and is buried at the Oakwood Cemetery in Honey Grove, where a historical marker marks his grave.

Complete reference list below.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  1. High School
  2. Walcott Institute
  3. Methodist Episcopal Church
  4. Baptist Church
  5. Presbyterian Church
  6. Cumberland Presbyterian Church
  7. Episcopal Church
  8. Christian Church
  9. Colored Churches
10. Dramatic Hall
11. Rail Road Depot
12. Post Office, T. D. Bloys, Post Master 
14. First National Bank, T. U. Cole, Cashier.
15. W. Underwood, General Merchandise and Fancy Goods.
16. J. L. Ware, General Merchandise, Fancy Goods & Notions.
17. J. H. Robneut, General Merchandise, Fancy Goods.
18. J. B. McKee & Co., General Merchandise, Fancy Goods.
19. W. D. Wilkins, General Merchandise, Fancy Goods.
19. W. D. Wilkins & Co., Bankers.
20. J. B. Ryan, Drugs, Jewelry, Books and Stationery.
21. S. L. Erwin & Co., Hardware, Farm & Mill Machinery.
22. Burgher & Stephens, Hardware, Farm & Mill Machinery.
34. H. S. Williams, Wagon and Carriage Repair Shops.
35. A. N. Kinsworthy, General Blacksmithing and Repair Shops.
36. R. B. Smith, Traveling Salesman.
37. C. H. Walcott, Real Estate, The Walcott Residence, oldest in the city.
38. The Stobaugh Residence
39. B. O. Walcott's Cotton Gin and Flour Mills.
40. J. H. Johnson's Cotton Gin and Flour Mills.
24. Weekly Herald, J. M. Terry, Publisher in Pierce Block.
41. Dr. S. I. Harrison, Physician and Surgeon.
42. Gin Mills.
43. Planing Mills.
23. T. B. Yarbrough, Dry Goods, Clothing, Hats and Caps.
24. Pierce, Wood & Co., Wholesale and Retail Groceries.
25. Scott Bros., Staple and Fancy Groceries.
26. F. C. Fisher & Sons, Hardware and Manufacturers of Tinware, Walcott's Block.
27. B. F. Barnum, Furniture Dealers, Walcott's Block.
28. W. R. Burnett, Painter and Paper Hanger.
29. Yeager House, W. D. Yeager, Proprietor.
30. Smith Hotel, T. M. Coulter, Proprietor.
31. A. H. Smith's Livery, Feed and Sale Stables.
32. J. D. Burgher & Co., Lumber Yard and Grain House, Dealers in Grain, Lumber, Sash, Doors, & c.
33. T. H. Seaton's Lumber Yard and Residence.

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