Historic Map - Fredericksberg, VA - 1862

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View of Fredericksburg, Va. Nov. 1862.

Reproduction lithograph map of Fredericksburg, Virginia, published by E. Sasche & Co. in 1862. This map captures the town as it appeared just weeks before the famous Battle of Fredericksburg, which occurred late in the year on December 11 - 15, 1862, giving us a last view of the town as it had been. Confederate Camps in the hills above the town and Union Troops assembled on the banks of the Rappahannock River are shown on the map. The supports for the five pontoon bridges that the Union Army Engineers put in place to cross their troops over the river are visible. The civilian bridge, destroyed earlier in the war, is also shown. The town was to sustain significant damage during the assault and the looting that followed. 13,353 casualties were reported on the Union side and 4,576 Confederate casualties resulted from the Battle of Fredericksburg.