Historic Map - Fresno, CA - 1901

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Fresno, California 1901.

In 1856, the County of Fresno was formed near the San Joaquin River and was comprised of many small settlements along the river. The most populous, Millerton, was the county seat and attracted many settlers until 1867, when the San Joaquin flooded and destroyed the town. Other settlements were destroyed as well, and most of the settlers moved and rebuilt on higher ground. In 1872, the Central Pacific Railroad built a station, and a store followed soon thereafter. A town slowly grew around the railway station and store due to the convenience of both, and was named Fresno Station. Later shortened to Fresno, the town grew quickly and became the county seat within two years, and it was incorporated as a city in 1885. This beautiful map provides a look back to the early days of the city. Complete reference list below. 

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  1. San Joaquin Ice Co. and Creamery.
  2. Sercopian Brothers, Packers & Shippers of Raisins, Figs & Dried Fruits.
  3. Fresno High School.
  4. Residence of Dr. D.H. Trowbridge. McDougall Bros. Architects. San Francisco & Fresno.
  5. Supt. Public Construction Plans & Estimates furnished on short notice. Residence 155 Isabella St, Phone Red 851
  6. St. George Vinyard.
  7. Court House.
  8. The First National Bank, O.J. Woodward, Pres. E.A. Walrond, Cash.
  9. Residence of Lewis H. Smith. D.A. Cowan, Contractor & Bulder - Plans Furnished & Estimates Given. 1529 L St.
10. Easterby School, McDougall Brothers Architects. San Francisco & Fresno.
11. Fresno Business College. Great Business Training & Short Hand School. Post Office Building.
12. Bang & Co., Fire, Life & Accident Insurance. Real Estate. S.L. Hogue, Dept. Collector U.S. Revenue.
13. Forsyth Seeded Raisin Co. Packing House, Tulare & H Sts.
14. Eagle Packing & Storage Co. Noble Bros Managers. Packers & Shippers, Raisins & Dried Fruit.
15. M.E. Church South.
16. Emerson School.
17. Stage Headquarters for Pine Ridge, Toll House, Clovis, Sanger and Sequoia Mills.
18. Jos. H. House. Boarding, Livery, Feed and Sale Stable.
19. Advent Church.
20. City Market, S. Evinger, Butcher. Packer, Wholesale and Retail.
21. Fresno Republican's Battery of Mergenthalers.
22. Fresno Mills, Sperry Flour Co. - Manufacturers of High Grade Flour.
23. The Fresno National Bank, T.W. Patterson, President. C. Allison Telfer, Cashier.
24. Fresno Brewing Co., Manufacturers of Pure Lager and Bottle Beers.
25. Madary's Planing Mill. Doors, Windows, Blinds, Screens, Boxes & Trays. Bee Keepers Supplies. M.R. Madry.
26. Reedley Winery & Distillery. High Grade Sweet Wines and Grape Brandies.
27. Fresno County Abstract Company (Incorporated.) Correct and Reliable Abstracts. Promptly Furnished. 1215 K St.
28. Calwa Winery and Distillery. High Grade Sweet Wines & Grape Brandies. California Wine Association.
29. Shepherd & Tague, Real Estate & Insurance Brokers. 1123 J St.
30. The Dorsey-Robinson Co. Grocery. Agents - Stockton Mills Co's Crown Flour.
31. Markarian & Co. Incorporated. Packers & Shippers - Raisins, Figs and Evaporated Fruit. Uncle Sam Brand.
32. Barton Opera House.
33. Wormser & Jonsen, Oil Lands & Real Estate; 1120 J Street.