Historic Map - Bakersfield, CA - 1901

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Bakersfield, Kern County, California, 1901. Photo-lith. Britton & Rey. / N.J. Stone Co., Publisher, San Francisco, Cal.

The city of Bakersfield was founded in 1869, and was named in honor of Colonel Thomas Baker. The city grew rapidly due to the California Gold Rush, and by the next year it was on it's way to becoming the largest town in Kern County, California. In 1873 Bakersfield was incorporated as a city, and in 1873 it became the county seat. In the years that followed, the city attracted many new residents, and has grown to be amongst the largest cities in California. This beautiful map provides a look back to the early days of the city. Complete reference list below. 

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  1. Oil & Stock Exchange; John A. Bunting, President. Dr. G.A. Hare, Vice President.
  2. Well No. 2 of Chicago Crude Oil Co., Kern River District.
  3. Jewett & Blodget Refinery & Oil Wells, Sunset District.
  4. Wells and Machine Ship of the Occidental Oil Co., Sunset District. The Occidental Oil Co. has 22 sub-companies.
  5. Sovereign Oil Co, Sec. 31. Kern River District. Under Direct Management of H.H. Blood & Wm. Ellery.
  6. Dabney Oil Co. McKittrick District.
  7. Southern Hotel.
  8. Beale Memorial Library
  9. Residence of William S. Tevis.
10. Yellow Aster Gold Mine. Randsburg, Cal. - Monthly Output $150,000.00
11. County Hospital.
12. Masonic Temple.
13. Kern City Grammar School.
14. Stacking Alfalfa.
15. Southern Pacific Oil Train, Kern River District.
16. Galloway, Wier & Headgate.
17. High School Bakersfield.
18. County Jail.
19. County Court House.
20. Summit Lime Kiln Tehachapi, Cal.
21. Residence of Frank S. Rice.
22. Cattle on Alfalfa.
23. Producers Bank Building.