Historic Map - Harriman, TN - 1892

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View of Harriman, Roane County, T.N., 1892 / drawn & published by Geo. E. Norris.

This bird’s-eye view print of Harriman, Tennessee was drawn by Geo. E. Norris and published by Burleigh Lith. Co. in 1892. Harriman was established as a “dry town” by the East Tennessee Land Company along the winding Emory River. Harriman was carefully laid out by the company and following the first land auction in 1890, manufacturing interests began to move here. The East Tenn. Land Co. eventually went bankrupt in 1893, when it was unable to pay back its financiers.

Harriman continued to grow in spite of this, attracting business and industry. The community was served by the East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Railroad.

The map title indicates Feb. 1890, 1 farm house. Feb. 1892, 4,000 population. Included are labeled streets, buildings and railroad lines. It features inset illustrations of the following:

• Winslow & Anderson, Winslow Block. Harriman Real Estate Exchange.
• W. C. Hill, Real Estate, Stocks, etc.
• The Fales Building Co. Block.
• East Tenn. Land Co. Office.
• Harriman Bank and Trust Co. Jas. McDowell, Real Estate, Investments.
• The Cumberland Hotel.
• Gideon Hill, Real Estate, Stock and Bond Broker. Queen St.
• W. T. Smith Investment Co., Real Estate, Stocks & Bonds. W. A. Lake, Contractor.
• The S. K. Page Lumber & Manufacturing Co.
• The Manufacturers National Bank Building.
• Denny & Burr Block. Daniel Denny, Real Estate. E. T. Land Co., Securities. A. E. P. Rockwell, Real Estate, Stocks & Bonds.
• Lookout Rolling Mills.

Features references to the following locations:

East Tenn. Land Co. Office.
The Harriman Hotel (Proposed).
Cumberland Hotel.
Key City Hotel.
Central School.
Exposition Hall.
The Old Byrd Mansion, the first house in Harriman.
W. C. T. U. Temple.
Baptist Church.
Congregational Church.
Christian Church.
Methodist Episcopal Church.
Southern Methodist Church.
Presbyterian Church.
Universalist Church.
Colored Churches.
The Brushy Mountains & Coal Fields.
Water Works.
Electric Light Station.
Steamboat Landing.
The Byrd Coal Mine.
Iron Mines.
Lime Quarries.
Lime Kilns.
The Lookout Rolling Mills.
S. K. Page Lumber & Mfg. Co.
Cumberland Mfg. Works, Sash, Blinds, etc.
Harriman Hoe & Tool Co.
Gibson Agricultural Works Co.
Harriman Tack Co.
Bailey Auger Bit Co.
Harriman Brick & Building Co.
The Hayes Chair Co.
Duthie Machine & Foundry Co.
Blast Furnace Location.
East Tenn. Furniture Co.
Emory River Ice Co.
Standard Oil Co.
Harriman Wrought Iron Co.
Hub & Spoke Manufactory Location.
Saw Mill.
Flanders Mfg. Co. & Planing Mill.
Harriman Junction & Station.
Belt Line R. R. Station.
Walnut Hill Station.
Fisk Addition Station.
Whipple & Armstrong Machine Co.
Manufacturers National Bank.
Bank Co. Building.
The Harriman Bank & Trust Co.
James McDowell, Real Estate & Investment.
First National Bank.
Winslow & Anderson, Real Estate, Stocks & Bonds.
W. C. Hill, Real Estate, Stocks, Bonds & Insurance.
W. T. Smith Investment Co., Real Estate, Stocks, Bonds, Timber & Mineral Lands.
Daniel Denny, Real Estate & E. T. Land Co., Securities.
A. E. P. Rockwell, Real Estate, Stocks & Bonds.
Gideon Hill, Real Estate, Stocks, Bonds & Investment.
Griffith & Jenkins, Real Estate, Stock & Investment Agency.
Newcomb & Rothpletz, Real Estate, Stocks & Insurance.
Cyrus Hanks, Real Estate, Mineral & Timber Lands.
Chas. H. Stillwell, Real Estate.
R. A. Harper & Co., Wholesale Fruit & Vegetables.
C. W. Nottingham, Attorney & Insurance.
Young & Stephens, Attorneys.
Robert Swift, M. D. Post Office Block.
C. T. Cory, M. D.
E. M. Gallion, M. D.
Harriman Drug Co.
The Fales Building Co. Block.
Dr. Z. H. Curry, Dentist.
J. M. Thoburn, Drugs & Notions.
Manley & Verity, Furniture & Undertakers.
Damon, Spencer & Co., Dry Goods & Fine Shoes.
Shaw, Wallin & Co., Hardware, Cutlery, Paints & Oils.
Loring & Clendening, Clothing, Gents’ Furnishings, Boots, Shoes.
J. C. Stith, Staple & Fancy Groceries.
D. W. Thomas, Stoves, Tinware, Furnace Work, etc.
T. D. Salyers, Stoves, Ranges, Tinware, Roofing & Guttering.
Silas S. Told, Furniture of all Kinds.
A. M. Jerauld & Co., Groceries, China, Glass & Queensware.
Geo. A. Mitchell, Baker & Flour Dealer.
J. J. Leming, Framing & Finishing Lumber, Shingles, Lath, Doors & Windows.
W. A. Lake, Contractor & Builder.

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