Historic Map - Southington, CT - 1914

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View of Southington, Connecticut. 1914.

Reproduction bird's-eye view of the community known as Southington, CT, published by Hughes & Bailey in 1913. Southington began as a small farming community along the Quinnipiac River known as South Farmington. The name was later shortened to Southington. George Washington had passed through town in 1770, and Jean-Baptiste Donatien de Vimeur, comte de Rochambeau, a French commandant and his troops camped there during the American Revolution. Rochambeau and his officers took shelter at Asa Barnes Tavern, while his troops camped across the road on a hill now called French Hill. It was written at the time by Rev. Timlow in his "Sketches of Southington" that: "Landlord Barnes gave a ball at his tavern, at which a large number of the young women of the vicinity were present; and they esteemed it something of an honor to have had a 'cotillion' with the polite foreigner". The ball lasted four days and Rochambeau was so taken with the town he returned there in 1782.

In the early 1900's Southington developed into a manufacturing center. Cement that could harden under water was invented there as well as a new tinware process. Southington is now dubbed "The City of Progress". The 1914 town booster reads:

"Southington has unusual claims and advantages as a Manufacturing center, healthful location, attractive place of residence and delightful scenery. Fine walks, extensive street improvements, good roads, three railroad stations, excellent steam and electric passenger and freight service. Easily accessible to the surrounding cities of Hartford, New Haven, New Britain, Meriden and Waterbury. Ample supply of pure water by municipal owned plant, at low cost, for all purposes. New factories and others recently extended to accommodate growing industries. Rich farming land; ready markets here and in nearby cities. Hustling borough and town government, educational facilities and equipment of high order and excellence, free public library, efficient fire and police protection. Fraternal, religious and charitable interests well represented. National and savings banks, superior electric and gas light service, well-stocked stores and markets, live local newspaper, full and early supply of city papers. Finest building and loan association. Active Business men's association, and industrial and improvement society ready to welcome and encourage deserving newcomers and enterprises."

Complete reference list below.

Features references to the following people & locations:

Aetna Nut Co., The, J. H. Pratt, Pres., J. H. Baldwin, Sec. and Treas., High Street, near R. R.
Aldi Titta, Ales, Wines and Liquors, 73 Liberty Street
Atwater Mfg. Co., The, Special Forgings, Carriage Hardware, South of Plantsville, near R. R.
Atwater, T. B., Grain, Feed, Hay, Straw, Fertilizers, Coal, etc., Est'd 1767, Southington and Plantsville
Ballou, Wm. M., Plumbing, Tinning, Heating and General Jobbing, 83 Center St.
Barnes, Bradley H., Residence, North Main St.
Beaton & Corbin Mfg. Co., The, F. N. Wells, Pres., Hon. A. R. Wells, Sec. and Treas., Main and Chapman Sts.
Bissell, C. H. & Co., Dry Goods, Carpets, Paper Hangings, cor. Main and Center Sts.
Blakeslee Forging Co., The, Drop Forgings, Carriage Hardware, Est. 1877, Plantsville
Boyce, Anthony A., Contractor and Builder, Main St.
Brass Products Co., The, Electric Light and Gas Fixtures, R. R. Ave.
Brown, Franklin G., Attorney-at-Law, 3 1/2 Center St.
Bushnell, C. W., Groceries and Hardware, Plantsville
Callahan, P. H., Fine Groceries, 9 Center St.
Clark Bros. Bolt Co., Bolts and Nuts, C. H. Clark, Pres., E. S. Todd, Treas., Milldale
Clark, Mrs. Phoebe, Residence, Plantsville, The Old Home
Collins, Thos. M., Staple and Fancy Groceries, Wines and Liquors, 57 Main St., Plantsville
Cowles, John B., High Grade, Up-to-Date Pianos, Player Pianos, Berlin Ave. and Main St.
Cowles, W. H., Coal, Hay, Grain & Feed, Cement, Concrete Blocks, Cowles Ave., Plantsville
Cutting, A. J., D. D. S., 43 Main St.
Di Fabio & D'Addario, Meats & Provisions, Main St.
Edson House, The, John H. Savage, Prop., opp. R. R. Station, Plantsville
Elliott, Richard, Town Clerk, Real Estate & Ins.
Foley, W. J., Supt. of Streets, 31 Berlin St.
Flynn, Margaret L., Chiropodist & Hair Dresser, 11 1/2 Center St.
Francis, Harry B., General Electrical Construction, Main St.
Gould Co., The, House Furnishing, Plumbing & Undertaking, 47 Main St.
Gura, Michael A., Building Contractor, 100 Bristol St.
Havey, Leroy A., Physician, 82 Main St.
Hart, Francis D., Contractor, Grading and Heavy Team Work, Mason's Supplies, Meriden Ave.
Hemingway-Lewis Ins. & Realty Co., 56 1/2 Main St.
Hill, Edward T., Mfr. High Grade Cigars, Main St.
Holmes, F. G., Blacksmith, Wood Working, General Jobbing, Liberty St.
Holt, Thomas, First Selectman
Hutton, P. & Son, Inc., Tailors, Clothiers, Furnishers & Hatters, 16 Center St
Jamieson, John, Ice, East St.
Johnson, H., Hack, Livery & Boarding Stable, Rubber Tiring & Dealer in Horse Goods, Berlin Ave., near Main St.
Keefe's Lunch Room, John J. O'Keefe, Prop., 7 Center St.
Kenyon, J. C., Correspondent New Haven Register, Main St.
Knapp, Jacob F., Carpenter & Builder, 27 Eden Ave.
Knapp, Oscar G., with Clark Bros. Bolt Co.
Lacey, James R., Horse Shoeing & General Repairing, Liberty St.
Langdon, C. W.., Residence, 11 Berlin Ave.
Liptak & Brenner, Proprietors Colman Theatre, Moving Picture Theatre
MacKenzie, Samuel H., Supt. Water Dept., Borough Engineer, 44 Center St.Martin, J. H. & Co., Men's & Boys' Outfitters, 11 Center St.
Meridan Gas Light Co., The, Chas. P. Linsley, Pres., Geo. M. Curtis, Sec. and Treas., Chas. A. Lerned, Gen'l. Mgr., Office Main St.
Meserole, Geo. B., Meats & Provisions, Main St., Plantsville
Miller, W. R., Physician, 95 N. Main St. St.
Moran, M. J., Cafe, Center St.
Neale & Guernsey, General Merchandise, 43 Main St.
News & Times Co., The, E. G. Alger, Editor, G. L. Lewis, Business Mgr., 42 Center St.
Nichols, H. M., General Trucking, Furniture & Piano Moving, Dealer in Woods and Lumber, Plantsville
Nikolais's, Bread & Cake Bakery, 49 Bristol St.
O'Keefe, Dennis, Tonsorial Parlors, Main St.
Old Homestead, A. Roth, Prop., 38 Center St.
Olson & Lunden, Florists, cor. Main & Bristol Sts., Plantsville
Orr, John, Choice Meats & Vegetables, 10 Center St.
Orr, Judd & Co., Hosiery, Footwear & Findings, 5 Center St.
Oxley's Department Store, 20-24 Center St.
Peck, Stow & Wilcox Co., Mfrs. General Hardware, Center St., Factory Sq. and High Sts.
Rich, Thos. M., Bicycles, Automobiles, Repairing, Sundries & Supplies, Phonographs and Up-to-Date Records, Southington Central Auto Station
Saunders Garage, G. C. Saunders, Prop., Home of the "Ford", Liberty St.
Southington Hardware Co., The, J. H. Pratt, Pres., J. H. Baldwin, Sec. and Treas., Mfrs. of Hardware Specialties
Southington Heights, Sweezy Realty Co., Owners, Office in residence on Southington Heights Farm, Cheshire Turnpike, adjoining the Property
Southington Lumber & Feed Co., Lumber, Coal, Grain, 12 Bristol St.
Southington Mfg. Co., The, High Grade Mechanics' Hand Tools & General Hardware, Bristol St.
Smith, H. D. & Co., The, L. V. Walkley, Pres., Louis H. Schmitt, V. P. and Sec., G. R. Bond, Treas., W. S. Thompson, Supt., West Main St., Plantsville
St. Thomas The Apostle R. C. Church, Rev. W. J. Doolan, Pastor, Liberty St.
Swent, N. J., Brothers Co., Plumbing, Tinning & Metal Ceilings, Liberty St.
Taylor, M. J., Cigars, Tobacco, Fruit & Confectionery, School Supplies, 31 Main St., Plantsville
Taylor, W. A., Livery, Feed, Sale & Exchange Stable, 23 Main St.
Tobin, J. H., Feed & Livery Stable, Piano & Furniture Moving, Light & Heavy Trucking, Furniture Storage, Horses for Sale & Exchange, Auto Trucks for Long Distance Moving, 11 Bristol St.
Vibberts Press, Printers, 54 Main St.Walker, Thomas, Postmaster, Plantsville
Wallace, S. P., Jeweler, 75 Main St.
Wagenbrenner, George, Plasterer, Wolf Hill
Weckworth's Cafe, R. C. Weckworth, Prop., R. R. Ave. near Depot
Welch, Thomas F., Counselor at Law, Town Hall
Wells, Hon. A. B., Residence, 22 Main St.
Young & Tulley, Mfrs. of High Grade Mineral, Soda & Seltzer Waters, Chestnut St.

1914 important people of town listed:

Selectmen: Thos. Holt, Rudolph Weckworth, A. T. Bishop
Town Clerk and Treasurer: Richard Elliott
Assessors: J. W. Gridley, E. W. Lowrey, Geo. S. Allen
Water Commissioners: J. H. Pratt, E. S. Todd, J. H. Martin
Fire Commissioners: F. G. Brown, T. F. Moran, J. Neal, M. J. Moran, A. J. Wrinn, R. Nagel
Fire Chief: J. W. Cronin
Probate and Town Court Judge: Thos. F. Welch
Town School Committee: J. R. Lacey, Mrs. C. H. Bissell, A. M. Smith, Mrs. L. A. Cummings, Richard Nagle, Thos. F. Moran, J. W. Gridley, Mrs. M. J. Dunn
Supt. of Schools: E. C. Witham
Principal of High School: Wm. K. Holmes
Supt. Southington Water Co.: Borough Engineer, S. H. MacKenzie

1914 factories and manufacturing plants listed:

The Peck, Stow & Wilcox Co., Tools and General Hardware, MacKenzie, Mill and Factory Streets
Southington Hardware Co., Wood Screws, Squares, etc., Center Street
The Aetna Nut Co., Nuts and Merchant Iron Washers, Mill Street
The H. D. Smith & Co., Drop Forging, Wrenches, etc., West Main Street, Plantsville
The Blakeslee Forging Co., Drop Forging, South of Depot, Plantsville
The Atwater Mfg. Co., Drop Forging, Plantsville
Wolcott Hardware Co., Light Hardware, Plantsville
Clark Bros. Bolt Co., Bolts of all descriptions, Milldale
Beaton & Corbin Mfg. Co., Hardware Specialties, Main and Chapman Streets
Ellis Mfg. Co., Light Hardware, Milldale
Southington Mfg. Co., Screw Drivers and Light Hardware, near R. R. Station
Geo. E. Wood Tool Co., Screw Drivers and Special Tools, Summer Street, Plantsville
Brass Products Co., Electric Light and Gas Fixtures, R. R. Avenue

The map features clearly labeled street names with lively scenes of railroad, airplane, automobile, carriage and pedestrian traffic. It features border illustrations and photographs of:

Southington Public Library
Lincoln School
Lewis High School
North Center School
Beecher Street School
Town Hall
T. A. B. Hall
South Center School
Plantsville School
Residence of A. A. Boyce
Residence of B. H. Barnes
Southington Mfg. Co.
Clark Bros. Bolt Co., Mill No. 2
Clark Bros. Bolt Co., Mill No. 1
The Blakeslee Forging Co.
Beaton & Corbin Mfg. Co.
The Aetna Nut Co.
Southington Hardware Co.
The Peck, Stow & Wilcox Co.
Residence of J. H. Pratt
Residence of L. V. Walkley
The H. D. Smith & Co.
Residence of A. R. Wells
The Atwater Mfg. Co.
C. H. Bissell & Co.
T. B. Atwater
First Bolt and Nut Factory in Connecticut


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