Historic Map - Holyoke, MA - 1881

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View of Holyoke, Hampden County, M.A., 1881 / drawn & published by A. F. Poole.

This bird’s-eye view print of Holyoke, Massachusetts was drawn and published by A. F. Poole, Beck & Pauli, Lith. in 1881. Holyoke was settled in the mid-1700's along the Connecticut River.

Originally a farming community, Holyoke began constructing an elaborate canal system in the mid-1800's. The system attracted a number of paper mills to build factories along the canals. The paper mills dominated Holyoke’s economy by the late 1800's. The mills were powered by a dam built at that point along the river. The hand-dug canals were filled with the river’s water and were used to provide power from the dam to the nearby mills. Holyoke grew around its many paper mills and prospered greatly because of them.

The illustration includes labeled streets, buildings, bridges and railroad routes. There are detailed illustrations of the following:

• Riverside Paper Company.
• Newton Paper Co.
• Chemical Paper Co.
• City Foundry.
• Robertson Bros. Paper Manufactory.
• Connecticut River Lumber Co.
• Transcript Building.
• Soldiers’ Monument.
• Crocker Manufacturing Co.
• Coghlan’s Holyoke Steam Boiler & Iron Works.
• Windsor Hotel.
• Winona Paper Company.
• Massasoit Paper Company.
• Holyoke Water Power Co’s Cabot St. Building.
• City Hall.
• Deane Steam Pump Co.
• Carew Manufacturing Company.
• Opera House.
• Fenton & Dunn, Carriage Makers.
• Valley Paper Company.
• James Fitzgerald, Stationer.
• Herald Office.
• John C. Smith, Machinist.
• W. M. Skinner & Son, Silk Manufacturers.
• Henry Seymour Cutler Co.
• Farr Alpaca Co.
• Merrick Thread Co. Main St.
• Albion Paper Company.

Features references to the following locations:


City Hall.
High School.
Grammar School.
Intermediate Schools.
Primary Schools.
Engine Houses.
St. Jerome Institute.
First Congregational Church.
Second Congregational Church.
Second Baptist Church.
Methodist Episcopal Church.
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.
Unitarian Church.
St. Jerome Catholic Church.
Sacred Heart Catholic Church.
Sacred Blood French Catholic Church.
German Lutheran Church.
Park & Soldiers’ Monument.
Opera House & Windsor Hotel.
Post Office & Holyoke House.
Temperance Hall.
Parson’s Block.
Conn. River R. R. Depot.
Holyoke & Westfield R. R. Depot.
Mount Tom.
Mount Nonotuck.
Whiting Paper Co., Mill No. 1 (Fine Writing) Wm. Whiting, Treas.
Hampden Cotton Mills. E. S. Bradford, Treas.
Lyman Cotton Mills. Theophilus Parsons, Treas.
Whiting Paper Co., No. 2 (Fine Bristols) Wm. Whiting, Treas.
Prentiss Wire Mills. Geo. W. Prentiss, Treas.
Beebe & Holbrook Paper Co. (Fine Writing) G. B. Holbrook, Treas.
Wauregan Paper Co. (Book) Jas. H. Newton, Proprietor.
Massasoit Paper Co. (Fine Writing) E. C. Rogers, Treas.
Merrick Thread Co. (Appleton St.) Timothy Merrick, Treas.
H. Seymour Cutlery Co. T. F. Kegan, Steam Fitter.
Wm. Skinner & Son, Silk Manufacturers.
John C. Smith, Machinist.
Farr Alpaca Co. J. Metcalf, Treas.
Deane Steam Pump Co. Wm. C. Simons, Treas.
D. Mackintosh & Son, Dyers.
Mass. Screw Co. J. C. Newton, Treas.
Conner Bros., Woolens.
Water Power Co’s Cabot St. Building. W. A. Chase, Treas.
Holyoke Machine Co. S. Holman, Treas.
Holyoke Warp Co. J. L. Burlingame, Agent.
Merrick Thread Co. (Main St.) Timothy Merrick, Treas.
Holyoke Paper Co. (Fine Writing) C. H. Heywood, Treas.
Webber, Beebe & Co. Woolens.
A. T. Stewart & Co., Woolens.
Robertson Bros., Tissue Manila Papers.
Germania Woolen Mills. H. Stursberg, Treas.
Chemical Paper Co. (Card & Middle) Moses Newton, Treas.
Newton Paper Co. (Carpet Papers) Moses Newton, Treas.
Excelsior Paper Co. (Book & News) R. C. Dickinson, Treas.
Springfield Blanket Co. W. H. Wilkinson, Treas.
Franklin Paper Co. (Book) Jas. H. Newton, Treas.
Union Paper Co. (Fine Writing) Henry Dickinson, Treas.
Riverside Paper Co. (Fine Writing) J. H. Appleton, Treas.
Winona Paper Co. (Fine Writing) B. F. Hosford, Treas.
Syms & Dudley Paper Co.
Nonotuck Paper Co. J. S. McElwain, Treas.
Albion Paper Co. (Book) E. C. Taft, Treas.
Dickinson & Clark Paper Co.
Crocker Mfg. Co. (Book & News) D. P. Crocker, Treas.
Valley Paper Co. (Fine Writing) A. W. Esleeck, Treas.
Hadley Thread Co. Arthur T. Lyman, Treas.
Parson’s Paper Co. (Fine Writing) J. C. Parson, Treas.
Hampden Glazed Paper Co. Geo. F. Fowler, Treas.
Fenton & Dunn, Carriage Manufacturers.
Conn. River Lumber Co.
W. H. Abbott Soap Works.
J. Merrick & Co. Steam Planing Mill.
B. F. Mullin, Holyoke Steam Boiler Works.
City Foundry. Mann & Baush, Proprietors.
Coghlan’s Holyoke Steam Boiler Works.
M. W. Bartlett, City Flour Mills.
Watson Ely & Son. Planing Mill.
Conn. River Pulp Co. D. H. Newton, Treas.
United States Postal Card Works.
Turn Halle.
Grace Chapel.
Germania Hotel.
Buchanan & Bolt, Wire Screen Cloth Manufactory.
Willimansett Bridge.
Forest Dale Cemetery.


Congregational Church.
Methodist Church.
Roman Catholic Church.
School House.
Post Office.
Carew Mfg. Co. Jos. Carew, Treas.
Hampshire Paper Co. Chas. Southworth, Treas.
Glasgow Mills (Ginghams) E. Southworth, Treas.