Historic Map - Lynn, MA - 1881

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View of High Rock, Lynn, Essex County, M.A., 1881 / drawn & published by Shaw & Hutchinson.

This panoramic print of High Rock and Lynn, Massachusetts was drawn and published by C. A. Shaw & H. J. Hutchinson, Armstrong & Co. Lith. in 1881. This image was produced to promote the High Rock temperance center operated by the Hutchinson family. The family’s elaborate hill top compound was used for concerts and festivities and was open to the public.

In the late 1800's, the industrious town of Lynn was a popular vacation destination for New Englanders. Its splendid scenery and excellent fishing was much talked about.

Lynn had been settled in the 1600's as farmers began breaking ground. Later Lynn began attracting shoe manufacturers. Early manufacturers at Lynn produced boots worn by Continental soldiers. In the late 1800's, shoe manufacturers at Lynn were large producers of ladies’ footwear.

Ship building was also extensively done at Lynn.

The colorful illustration shows waterways, roads, buildings and railroad route. Port activities are displayed in the foreground. A statement below the view reads: “High Rock”, nearly ten acres in extent, stands in the centre of the city, half a mile from the ocean, and rises 250 feet above tide-water. Proprietor, John W. Hutchinson. Population of Lynn, 40,000. The insets are of the Hutchinson Coat of Arms and The Old Homestead, Milford, N. H.