Historic Map - Rockland, MA - 1881

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View of Rockland, Plymouth County, M.A., 1881 / drawn & published by A. F. Poole.

This bird’s-eye view print of Rockland, Massachusetts was drawn and published by A. F. Poole, Beck & Pauli, Lith. in 1881. Rockland was settled in the mid-1600's as part of Abington. It was incorporated as Rockland in 1874.

During the late 1800's, several shoe and boot manufacturers conducted business in Rockland.

The illustration, looking northeast, includes labeled streets, buildings and railroad route. There are border illustrations of the following:

• Lane & Chipman’s Shoe Manufactory.
• Z. M. & E. Lane, Shoe Manufactory.
• Charles W. Torrey’s Shoe Manufactory.
• W. E. Putnam & Co’s Shoe Manufactory.
• J. S. Turner’s Shoe Manufactory.

Features references to the following locations:


Congregational Church.
Baptist Church.
Methodist Church.
High School Building.
Graded School Buildings.
Post Office.
Public Library. Town Offices. Savings Bank. Dr. Miller’s Office.
Engine House.
Hanover Branch R. R. Station.
Base Ball Grounds.
Music Hall.
Sherman House.
Mount Pleasant Cemetery.
Phenix Hall.

Z. M. & E. Lane, Shoe Factory.
C. W. Torrey, Shoe Factory.
Lane & Chipman, Shoe Factory.
J. S. Turner, Shoe Factory.
Arnold & Leatherbe, Shoe Factory.
W. E. Putnam & Co., Shoe Factory.
E. P. Torrey & Co., Shoe Factory.
J. F. Lane, Grinnell & Co., Shoe Factory.
C. H. Lane, Shoe Factory.
Curtis & Poole, Shoe Factory.
Wright & Gross, Shoe Factory.
C. E. Lane, Shoe Factory.
Burrell & Houghton, Shoe Factory.
James Locke, Shoe Factory.
W. G. Perry, Shoe Factory.
J. Torrey & Co., Soap Works.
J. H. Hatch, Shoe Manufactory.
I. M. Lowell, Shoe Manufacturer.
G. Studley, Saw Mill.