Historic Map - Livingston, MT - 1883

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Bird's eye view of Livingston, Mon., Gallatin County 1883. Beck & Pauli, litho.

A fantastic reproduction of this "Bird's Eye View" panoramic map. Library of Congress stamp, dated November 19, 1883, only one year after the creation of Livingston by the Northern Pacific Railway. Named for a Northern Pacific Railway executive, it was determined that the location was ideal for building its railroad shops to service steam trains before beginning the ascent over Bozeman Pass (5,600 ft.). Originally known as Clark City, and once home to Calamity Jane; Captain William Clark camped on the outskirts of what was to become Livingston while on the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1806. The map shows the bend of the Yellowstone River as it runs north and east toward Billings and the "Crazy Mountains" are noted in the background of one of the two elevated street illustrations in the lower right corner of the map. The two insets in the lower margins illustrate the First National Bank and the Albermarle European Hotel.  

Complete reference list below.

Features references to the following locations:

Congregational Church.
Methodist Church.
First National Bank, Fred Ward, cashier.
Stebbius, Mund & Co., Bank of Livingston.
The Albermarle European Hotel.
Brunswick Hotel.
Merchants Hotel, Wm. Mitchel, Prop.
Livingston Hotel, John P. Nolan, Prop.
Revere House, Thomas Halloren, Prop.
Halloren & Lampman, restaurant, Park St.
John A. Lock, Saloon, Park St.
Willard A. Smith, Real Estate, Park St.
The Daily Enterprise, Published every day except Sundays.
Wright & Hendry, Publishers.
W. Arault, Wholesale Liquors, Main St.
H. T. Chaperly, Real Estate, Main St.
Geo. F. Chambers, Hardware, Main St.
F. H. Loring, Gilt Edge Saloon, Main St.
J. P. Brusvitz, Clothing, Main St.
S. H. Phelps, Saloon, Main St.
Blair & Donovan, Groceries, Main St.
C. B. Towers & Co. Guns, Boots and Shoes, Main St.
Ernest Goetlich, Harness, Main St.
Phillip Mercer, Brewery Saloon, Main St.
F. A. Kreiger, Furniture, Main St.
Savage & Elder, Real Estate and Law, Main St.
Babcock & Mills, Hardware, Main St.
Wm. Wright, Meat Market, Main St.
Allen Bros. Real Estate, Main St.
Fry & LeRoy, Law Office, Main St.
C. W. Savage & Sons, Dry Goods, Main St.
Don L. Willard, Wholesale Liquors, Main St.
W. E. Hull, Main St.
N. C. Matthiessen, Groceries and Fruit, Main St.
St. Paul Clothing House, Henry Helburn, Main St.
R. A. Chisholm, Groceries and Gen'l Supplies, Main St.
J. E. Mann, Groceries, Main St.
Nicholas Imo, Barber, B. St., near Park.
Montana Lumber Co. B. St. near Park.
Geyser Saloon, Main St., R. Decker & Co., Prop.
Milwaukee Beer Hall, A. B. Wakelin, Prop., Main St.
Hotel Brunswick, Frank W. Draper, Prop., Main St.
Metropolitan Hotel, Mulkern & Sherman, Prop., Main St.
Belvidere Chop House, Chas. Paulding, Prop., Main St.
Stag Saloon, S. R. Deardoff, Prop., Main St.
Gem Saloon, C. F. White, Prop., Main St.
Feed and Sale Stable, G. W. Metcalf & Co., Prop., Main St.
Livery Stable, Billy Miles, Prop., Main St.
Blacksmith and Carriage Shop, R. C. Griffith, Prop., Main St.
Nye & Co., Wholesale Liquors, Main St.
G. H. Carver & Co., General Merchandise, Clark St.
Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, B. R. Devoe, Prop., Second St.
L.M. Park, Groceries and Gen'l Supplies, Second St.
McDonald & Hodvat, Meat Market, Second St.
The Livingston Tribune, Meehan, Dickenson & Eberman, Publishers, Park St.