Historic Map - Mandan, ND - 1883

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Bird's eye view of Mandan, Dak., county seat of Morton Co. 1883. Beck & Pauli, lithographers.

Reproduction map of Mandan, North Dakota in 1883. Incorporated in 1879, Mandan lies just across the Missouri River from the city of Bismarck. Named for the Mandan tribe that occupied the area when white Europeans traveling along the Missouri first appeared in the 1730s. The Mandan tribe, unlike the other nomadic tribes in the region, established permanent villages and practiced agriculture. Their friendliness and willingness to trade brought many European fur-trappers to their villages. Sadly, epidemics of small pox and whooping cough resulted in the tribe being reduced to only a few members by the 1830s. This reproduction map shows the Library of Congress stamp, dated October 31, 1883. The Heart River is shown in the foreground. Insets on lower left and right depict the North Pacific Rail Road Passenger Depot and the Hagers Block. Title cartouche notes "Mandan, Dak., County Seat of Morton County". This beautiful map provides a look at the beginnings of the city. Complete reference list below.

Features numbered & lettered references to the following locations:

  A. Public School.
  B. Presbyterian Church.
  C. Roman Catholic Church.
  D. Methodist Church.
  E. Congregational Church.
  F. Baptist Church.
  1. Depot North Pacific Rail Road.
  2. Machine Shops North Pacific Rail Road.
  3. Round House North Pacific Rail Road.
  4. Inter-Ocean Hotel.
  5. Commercial Hotel.
  6. Merchants Hotel.
  7. Hotel Mandau.
  8. American Hotel.
  9. Emerson Institute.
10. Horn Factory.