Historic Map - Redfield, SD - 1883

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1883 bird's eye view of Redfield, Dak. Drawn by H. Wellge. Copyrighted by H. G. Rising.

Fine reproduction of a panoramic map of Redfield, South Dakota in 1883, barely five years after the first white settlers arrived to settle in what was then called "Stennett Junction". In 1881, the town was re-named after a notable investor and auditor with the Chicago and Northwestern Railroads, Joseph Barlow Redfield. A continuous debate raged over the designation of the county seat during the period of this map, including allegations of election tampering. The town of Old Ashton was the original county seat of Spinks County, but was contested by Redfield, Ashton and Frankfort. Redfield was to become the county seat in 1876.

Inset illustrations on the map include the Public School, the West Side of Humbolt Ave. and the Dakota Sun newspaper office.

This beautiful map provides a look at the beginnings of the city. Complete reference list below.

Features numbered & lettered references to the following locations:

A. Baptist Church.
B. Methodist Church.
C. Congregational Church.
D. Public School.
E. Chicago & Northwestern Rail Road Depot.
F. Foster House.
G. Lockwood House.
H. Jarvis House.
K. Redfield Flouring Mill.
L. Elevator.
X. Old Ashton - The County Seat
2. Bank of Redfield, D. R. Miller, Cashier, Humboldt St.
3. Spink Co. Bank, F. A. Dawes, Cashier, Humboldt St.
4. Anderson's Hall, Humboldt St.
5. Masonic Hall, Humboldt. St.
6. Post Office.