Historic Map - Middletown, CT - 1877

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Middletown, Conn. 1877.

An 1877 birds-eye view of Middletown, CT, published by the famous O. H. Bailey Co. of Boston. A thriving port during the 1700s, Middletown became the largest and most prosperous town in Connecticut, with a third of the population directly involved with maritime trade. Trade and port activity declined early in the 1800's, resulting from the effects of the strained relationship with the British leading up to the War of 1812. Middletown did not recover its maritime prominence after the War of 1812, but did turn its attention toward manufacturing throughout the nineteenth century, becoming a major supplier of guns to the U. S. government. The city was active in the abolitionism movement and was a hub along the underground railroad during the Civil War.

Wesleyan University is referenced, already an established institution at the time this map was published, having been founded in 1831. Also shown is the state's first public high school, established in 1841.

This map captures the city of Middletown as it advances toward its industrial future. Companies such as Wilcox, Crittendon & Co. and Goodyear Rubber Co. appear on the map. In addition to the list of local businesses referenced on the map, the lower margin shows the names of city government officials, both from the year 1784 and the 1876 (see list below).

Inset illustrations include:

Connecticut Hospital for Insane
Allison Bro's Soap Works
Silk Manufactory - L. D. Brown & Son
Douglas Pump Works
Berkeley Divinity School
Wesleyan University 

Complete reference list below.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  1. U. S. Custom House and Post Office.
  2. Court House and City Hall.
  3. Russell Library Building.
  4. High School Building.
  5. Berkeley Divinity School.
  6. Wesleyan University Buildings.
  7. Industrial School or Girls.
  8. Connecticut Hospital for Insane.
  9. Union Railroad Station.
10. N. Y., N. H. & H. Railroad Station.
11. N. Y. Steamboat Dock and Portland Ferry Slip.
12. Church of the Holy Trinity.
13. Christ Church (South Farms)
14. St. Luke's Chapel (of B. D. School.)
15. St. John's (Roman Catholic.)
16. North Congregational Church.
17. South Congregational Church.
18. Methodist Episcopal Church.
19. Baptist Church.
20. Universalist Church.
21. African M. E. Church.
22. W. & B. Douglas, Manufactory of Pumps, &c. Founded in 1832.
23. The Russell Manufacturing Co., Cotton Yarns, Thread, &c.
24. The Star Tool Co.
25. The Wm. Wilcox Lock Manufacturing Co.
26. The Stiles & Parker Press Co.
27. The Victor Sewing Machine Co.
28. The Goodyear Rubber Co.
29. L. D. Brown & Son, Machine-Twist and Sewing Silk.
30. Allison Brothers' Soap Works.
31. Wilcox, Crittenden & Co., Marine Hardware.
32. The Middletown Plate Co.
33. Union Mills, Flour, Feed and Grain.
34. W. H. Chapman & Co., Harness Hardware.
35. Palmer & Kendall, Arrowanna Mills.
36. Middletown National Bank.
37. Middlesex National Bank.
38. First National Bank.
39. Farmers' and Mechanics' Savings Bank.
40. Middletown Savings Bank.
41. Dime Savings Bank.
42. Central National Bank.
43. McDonough House.
44. Farmers' and Mechanics' Hotel.



Hon. Jabez Hamlin


General Samuel H. Parsons
Philip Mortimer, Esq.
Matthew Tallcott, Esq.
Gen. Comfort Sage.


Maj. Jonathan Otis
Mr. Wensley Hobby
Col. Return J. Meigs
Mr. Elisha Starr
Capt. George Starr
Capt. Ichabod Wetmore
Mr. Elijah Hubbard
Deacon Chauncey Whittelsey
Capt. George Phillips
Capt. Arthur MagillMr. Asher Miller
Capt. John Wetmore
Mr. Lamberton Cooper
Capt. Giles Meigs
Capt. Nehemiah Hubbard
Mr. Samuel Ball
Mr. Samuel W. Dana
Elijah Treadway, Esp.
Mr. Stephen Ranney
Capt. Thomas Goodwin

Clerk and Treasurer:

Bezaleel Fisk


Capt. Thompson Phillips


Hon. Wm. T. Elmer


Joseph W. Douglas
O. Vincent Coffin
Horace Leonard


William D. Willard
Thomas G. Lucas
Stephen B. Davis
Henry L. Brown
Samuel Russell
Anthony R. Parshley
George M. Pratt
Henry A. Chamberlain
Richard L. DeLeng
Henry D. A. Ward

Clerk and Treasurer:

Henry S. Nichols.

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