Historic Map - Rockville, CT - 1877

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View of Rockville, Conn. 1877.

A print reproduction of Rockville, Connecticut, drawn and published by O. H. Bailey & Co. in 1877. Although the Hockanum River had been used by farmers for a grist mill, a saw mill, an oil mill and distillery since around 1740, it was not until 1821, that the first textile mill was built in what would become Rockville by Colonel Francis McLean. Taking advantage of a natural dam of solid stone that made a high falls on the Hockanum River, known as "The Rock" by locals, McLean built his water powered mill called the McLean Woolen Factory, also known as the "Rock Mill".

Work in the mills brought many immigrants to Rockville, particularly during the Civil War expansion period, 1860-1875, when many German immigrants arrived and settled around Village Street.

Today, most of the city has been designated as the Rockville Historic District.

Inset illustrations in the lower margin include:

The Hockanum Co.
The Florence Mills Co.
American Mills, Jos. M. Wade, Agent
Belding Bros. & Co., Silk Mills
The New England Co.
The White Manufacturing Co. 

Complete reference list below.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  1. Post Office
  2. Rail Road Depots
  3. Public Schools
  4. First Congregational Church
  5. Second Congregational Church
  6. Methodist Church
  7. Episcopal Church
  8. German Church
  9. St. Bernard's Roman Catholic Church
10. Rockville National Bank
11. First National Bank
12. Savings Bank of Rockville
13. White's Opera House
14. Turn Halle
15. Exchange Block
16. Doane's Block
17. Orcutt's Block
18. Rockville House, Claude Harvey, Proprietor
19. Grove House, Fred H. Thompson, Proprietor
20. The Hockanum Mills, Fancy Cassimeres
21. Springville Mfg. Co., Woolens
22. The Florence Mills Co., Woolens
23. New England Co., Fancy Cassimeres
24. The White Mfg. Co., Ginghams
25. Rock Mfg. Co, Fancy Cassemeres
26. White, Corbin & Co., Envelope Manufacturers & Paper Dealers
27. American Mills, Fancy Cassimeres, Jos. M. Wade, Agent
28. "Stockinet Mill", Samuel Fitch, Manufacturer of Knit Goods
29. Belding Bros. & Co., Manufacturers of Sewing Silk & Machine Twist
30. White's Stone Mills
31. Panola Mills, Satinets & Cotton Warps
32. Parker & Smith, Furniture, Manufacturers & Dealers
33. H. W. Treat, Carriage Manufacturer
34. F. Ziegler, Books & Stationery
35. E. F. Wilson, Drugs & Chemicals
36. H. Townsend, Druggist
37. Benjamin Hirst, Dry Goods & etc.
38. H. Waterman, Millinery
39. Martin & Tracy, Meats, Groceries & etc.
40. Purnell & Bitson, Cash Grocers
41. E. Link, Brewery
42. O. Eaton, Livery Stable
43. J. S. Thrall, Livery Stable
44. Residence of Henry McCray
45. Residence of E. S. Henry
46. Residence of Geo. Maxwell
47. Residence of L. E. Thompson
48. Residence of Dwight Loomis
49. Residence of S. E. Risley, M.D.
50. Residence and Store of C. White
51. Residence and Store of M. W. Pember, Woolens, Wholesale & Retail

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