Historic Map - Port Huron, MI - 1894

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View of Port Huron, St. Clair County, M.I., 1894 / drawn & published by C. J. Pauli.

This bird’s-eye view print of Port Huron, Michigan was drawn and published by C. J. Pauli, Beck & Pauli Lith. in 1894. Port Huron was settled along the St. Clair River in the 1840's.

The Lake Huron community maintained healthy lumber and shipbuilding industries in the early years. Later, it held important railroad shops of the Grand Trunk and Port Huron & Lake Michigan railroads.

The first oil to be commercially drilled in North America was at Oil Springs, near Sarnia, in 1858. This led to much activity and interest in the region. The Port Huron area survived major fires in 1871 and 1881.

The map includes labeled streets, waterways, buildings, bridges, port activities and railroad routes. An inset illustration depicts a continuation of Elmwood Street, North. Lakeview Plat.

Features references to the following locations:

Court House and City Hall.
U. S. Custom House and Post Office.
Water Works.
Water Works Office and Office of Louis Atkins, General Insurance.
Electric Light Power House.
Port Huron Gas Light Co., Jos. Walker, Supt.
Port Huron Fuel Gas and Light Co., Geo. W. Wilson, General Manager.
Maccabee Temple.
Public Schools.
Tunnel Depot.
Grand Trunk R. R. Depot.
Flint & Pere Marquette R. R. Depot.
Jno. W. Thomson Jr’s Dock and Warehouse.
Drummon’s Dock, H. B. Buckeridge, Manager.
First Baptist Church.
St. Stephan’s R. C. Church.
First Congregational Church.
First M. E. Church.
Grace Episcopal Church.
St. John’s German Evangelical Church.
St. Joseph’s R. C. Church.
St. Martin’s German Evangelical Church.
Trinity Evangelical Church.
Universalist Church.
United Presbyterian Church.
Westminster Presbyterian Church.
Washington Ave. M. E. Church.
Michigan Sulphite Fibre Co.
J. L. Stevenson Carriage Co., Stylish Vehicles.
F. J. Haynes & Co., Lumber Dealers.
F. D. Jenks & Co., Lumber Merchant.
George Kaufmann’s Place.
C. Kern Brewing Co.
Cooley- Gould Manufacturing Co., Planing Mill.
Anderson Mfg. Co., Vehicle Manufacturers.
Beard, Goodwillie & Co., Wholesale Iron, Steel, Carriage Hardware and Woodwork.
Huron House, M. Knill, Proprietor.
Bert Kilmer’s Place.
E. J. Schoolcraft & Co., Real Estate.
C. B. Hubbard, Dentist.
Muir Bros., Coal, Wood and Brick.
Dunford & Alverson, Dry Dock.
Henry Howard Estate, Lumber Manufacturers.
Kendall Marine Reporting Co.
Theo. Hamman, City Steam Laundry.
David Robeson, Ship Chandler, Wholesale Woodenware, etc.
Elliot House, Philip McQuade, Proprietor.
Love & Schoefield, Boiler Shop.
T. L. Kilets, Printer.
Chas. Baer, Groceries.
Baer Block.
Geo. Stortz, Sample Room.
G. Andrae, Sample Room.
Grand Central Hotel, Valentine Baker, Proprietor.
Thos. Walsh, Wholesale Liquor Dealer.
Oswald Unger, Gunsmith and Sporting Goods.
Geo. Irving, Attorney at Law.
Harper & Forbes, City Marble and Granite Works.
Samberg Brewing Co.
Welton & Eckles, General Insurance and Real Estate.
Hyde & Co., Real Estate.
E. G. Spalding & Co., General Insurance.
C. G. Meisel & Bro., Dry Goods.
Fraser & Fish, Abstract Office.
E. & J. H. White, White Block, Real Estate.
Asman & Beard, Dry Goods, Carpets, etc.
A. R. Avery, Lawyer.
I. Erb, Architect.
E. C. Boice, Dry Goods.
Ferd. Hoffmann, Sample Room.
Christ. Lauth, Sample Room.
Michael Hill, Lumber Dealer.
Peter Hill, Lumber Dealer.
Germania Hotel, Henry Mertz, Proprietor.
Moore Block.
J. P. Aiken, Physician and Surgeon.
S. L. Boyce & Son, General Hardware.
F. D. Sanborn, Real Estate.
I. C. Parsons, Men’s Furnishing Goods and Troy Laundry.
Herr Bros., Dentists.
I. Chas. Eichhorn, Sample Room.
James Howard, Furniture.
M. B. Dennis, Dentist.
F. Saunders, Wholesale Grocers.
Phoenix Iron Works, Marine Engines and Boilers.
R. M. Campbell, Sash, Doors, Blinds, and Hardwood Lumber.
F. S. Beckton, Sample Room.
Jno. M. Gleason, Lawyer.
Wm. Stephenson, Patents.
Union Hotel, Eichhorn & Grieb, Proprietors.
James Wilson, Sample Rooms.
Asman Bros., International Tea Co.
First National Exchange Bank.
W. M. Cline, Attorney at Law.
Geo. L. Harvey, Architect.
Elwin Kilmer, Sample Room.
F. L. Wells, Real Estate.
J. H. Baker & Co., Flour and Feed.
Guy Kimball, Agricultural Implements, Transfer and Storage Warehouse.
Port Huron Engine Thresher Co.
E. F. Percival, Real Estate and General Broker.

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