Historic Map - Richmond, IN - 1884

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The city of Richmond, Indiana 1884. By Albert Downs. Printed by J.W.C. Gilman & Co.

Reproduction historic map of Richmond, Indiana, published in 1884. Settled by Quaker families from North Carolina in 1806, Richmond was one of the cities along the route of the National Road which is today Highway 40. Also known as Cumberland Road, it was the first federally funded major road development project in the U.S. Construction began on the National Road in 1811 and was terminated in 1839, without reaching its planned destinations in Missouri, but ending at Vandalia, Illinois.

Detailed illustrations of the following buildings appear in the margins around the map:

First National Bank
Empire Steel Plow Works
Zeller & Co. Cracker Manufactory
I. D. O. F. Building
Union R. R. Depot
Richmond National Bank
Richmond Gas Works
J. M. Hutton & Co.
Second National Bank
Moon & Haynes
Grand Opera House
Friends' Meeting House, Orthodox
Fulton Boiler Works
Matthews, Winder & Co.
Pogue & Miller
Irvin Reed & Sons
Geo. H. Knollenberg
First M. E. Church
Friends' Meeting House, Hicksite
W. C. Starr & Son
White Water Tannery
Garr, Scott & Co.
Wayne Agricultural Co.
Sedgwick Brothers
Richmond City Mill Works
Haynes, Spencer & Co.
Robinson Machine Works
Chase Piano Factory

Features numbered references to the following locations:

    1. Wayne Co. Court House.
    3. Union Railroad Station.
    5. First National Bank.
    7. Richmond National Bank.
    9. Engine Houses.
  11. Earlham College.
  13. Parochial Schools.
  15. Friends Meetin House (Hicksite).
  17. White Water Meeting House.
  19. St. Paul's Episcopal Church.
  21. St. Mary's Catholic Church.
  23. First M. E. Church.
  25. Wesleyan Methodist Church.
  27. African M. E. Church.
  29. United Presbyterian Church.
  31. St. Paul's Evangelical Church.
  33. Zion Church Evangelical Association.
  35. Arlington House.
    2. Post-Office.
    4. Public Parks.
    6. Second National Bank.
    8. Park Opera House.
  10. County Jail.
  12. Public Schools.
  14. Friends Yearly Meeting-House.
  16. Richmond Preparative Meeting-House.
  18. First Baptist Church.
  20. St. Andrew's Catholic Church.
  22. Christian Church.
  24. Grace M. E. Church.
  26. German M. E. Church.
  28. First Presbyterian Church.
  30. St. John's Lutheran Church.
  32. Swedenborgian Church.
  34. Huntingdon - Grand Hotel.
  36. Bryson House.
  37. Richmond Gas Co., Jas. M. Starr, President.
  38. Gaar Machine Works, Gaar, Scott & Co.
  39. Chase Piano Co., M. J. Chase, General Manager.
  40. Richmond Church, Hall and School Furniture Works (Haynes, Spencer & Co.).
  41. Wayne Agricultural Co., L. L. Lawrence, Pres., Wm. Baxter, Vice-Pres.
  42. Robinson Machine Works, Robinson & Co.
  43. Richmond Mill Works, Jos. G. Lemon, Pres.
  44. Sedgwick Bros., Net Wire Fences, Gates, etc.
  45. W. C. Starr & Son, Hames, Bridle Bits and Proof Chains.
  46. J. M. Hutton & Co., Wooden Burial Cases and Caskets.
  47. Ezra Smith & Co., Coffin and Casket Works.
  48. Fulton Boiler Works, Jerry Cowhig & Co.
  49. E. Patterson & Co., Empire Plow Works.
  50. Moon & Haynes, Map and Chart Case Manufactory.
  51. White Water Tannery, S. R. Wiggins & Son.
  52. Matthews, Winder & Co., Pure Linseed Oil and Meal.
  53. Richmond City Mill, Hunt & Bro.
  54. Richmond Roller Mills and Elevator, C. G. Carpenter.
  55. Richmond Chair Co.
  56. Richmond Bent Wood Co.
  57.Quaker City Chair Co.
  58. Henchman & Cox Manufacturers and Wholesale Confectioners.
  59. W. H. Middleton & Co., Planing Mill, Doors, Sashes, Blinds, Mouldings, etc.
  60. Roller Skate Factory, M. C. Henley.
  61. Roller Skate Factory, Marchant, Phillips & Co.
  62. Zeller & Co., Steam Cracker Manufactory.
  63. Charter Oak Pork House, Reid, Beeler & Co.
  64. Marchant & Haynes, Manufacturers of Baking Powders.
  65. Hockett, Reynolds & Co., Hard and Soft Wood Maouldings.
  66. Main St. Brewery, Emil Minck, Proprietor.
  67. I. R. Howard & Co., Wholesale Grocers.
  68. John W. Grubs & Co., Wholesale Grocers.
  69. Pogue & Miller, Wholesale Hardware.
  70. Irvin Reed & Sons, Hardware, Cutlery, Agricultural Implements, etc.
  71. Thos. Creamer & Co., Wholesale Hardware and Cutlery.
  72. W. W. Foulke & Co., Iron, Steel, Springs, Axles, Wheels, etc.
  73. Geo. H. Knollenberg, Dealer in Dry Goods and Notions.
  74. L. M. Jones & Co., Wholesale and Retail Dry Goods and Carpets.
  75. D. B. Crawford & Son, Dealers in Dry Goods.
  77. Peter Lichtenfels & Co., Clothiers, Hittle Block.
  78. A. W. Meyer & Co., China, Glass and Queensware.
  79. R. W. Nye, Queensware, Glassware, Lamps, etc.
  80. Dunham & Smith, Dealers in Furniture.
  81. A. J. Hoffman, Dealer in Stoves, Tinware, etc.
  82. Wiggins & Co., Harness and Saddlery Hardware.
  83. Van D. Brown, Grocer.
  84. J. A. Knabe, Dealer in Groceries.
  85. Beckwith & Harold, Dealers in Groceries.
  86. Nicholson & Bro., Booksellers, Stationers, and Book Binders.
  87. Morris & Hunt, Booksellers and Stationers.
  88. Iliff Bros., Booksellers and Stationers.
  89. A. E. & O. P. Crocker, Real Estate, Loan and Insurance Agents, Vaughn Block.
  90. W. H. Bradbury & Son, Insurance, Real Estate and Loans.
  91. George Detch & Son, Wooden and Willow Ware, Toys, Garden Seeds, etc.
  92. E. F. Hirst, Dealer in Clocks, Watches, Jewelry, etc.
  93. Geo. C. McCullough,
  94. Clocks, Watches, Jewelry, etc.
  95. Hill & Hill, Wholesale and Retail, Grain, Flour, Feed, Hay and Straw.
  96. Seefloth & Bayer, Quaker City Bakery.
  97. H. H. Weerhoff, Plumber, Gas and Steam Fitter.
  98. H. R. Downing & Son, Undertakers.
  99. F. A. Knabe, Bazaar Fancy Goods.
100. E. Betzold, Millinery and Fancy Goods.
101. John E. Peltz, Merchant Tailor.
102. Hechland & Iliff, Merchant Tailors.
103. W. H. Sudhoff, Druggist and Apothecary.
104. B. Muller, Druggist and Apothecary.
105. G. W. Stigleman, Photographic Art Studio.
106. J. H. Swaine, Photographer.
107. Jas. T. Hibberd, Physician.
        Wm. T. Noble, Court House.
        T. W. O. Braffett, Court House.
        C. J. Du Hadway, Court House.
        J. A. Gormon, Sheriff, Court House.
108. J. R. Weist, Surgeon.
109. J. E. Taylor, Physician.
110. J. McSimpson, Physician.
111. J. W. Jay, Dentist.
105. J. M. Brookins, Dentist.
        J. H. Cooke, Treas. Office, City Hall.
        Foulke & Rupe, Attorneys at Law, Office in First National Bank.
        R. H. King, Clerk's Office, City Hall.
        Lewis D. Stubbs, Office in Richmond National Bank.
        Chas. E. Shiveley, Attorney at Law, in Vaughn's Building.
112. E. P. Smithers, Veterinary Surgeon.
113. S. O. Yates & Son, Contractors and Builders.
114. Arthur J. Cox, Architect and Builder.
115. Frank T. Thornhill, Livery, Feed and Sale Stable.
116. Witham and Anderson Co., Wholesale Dealers in and Shippers of Lumber.
117. Jos. I. Cushman, Agent, W. J. Benners & Sons, Shippers of Lumber.
118. Mather Bros., Dealers in Coal, Wood, Lime, Sewer Pipe, etc.
119. J. W. Moore & Co., Coal, Wood, Lime, etc.
120. S. M. Buckley, Wholesale Tobacconist.
121. Harman Fetta, Wholesale Dealer, Tobacco and Cigars.
122. C. Kreimeier, Manufacturer and Dealer, Cigars and Tobacco.
123. A. F. Oesting, Dealer in Hides, Rags, iron and Old Metals.
124. M. Cullaton & Co., Book and Job Printers.
125. Jno. A. Hasecoster, Architect and Superintendent.


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