Historic Map - Missoula, MT - 1884

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Bird's eye view of Missoula, Mon. county seat of Missoula County 1884. H. Wellge, del. Beck & Pauli, litho.

When the Lewis and Clark expedition first passed through the Missoula Valley, the area was known as "Nemissoolatakoo" by the local Salish tribe, which means "river of ambush". French fur-trappers found the bones and bodies of Blackfeet and Flathead tribesmen in what appeared to be a former battlegroud near the Blackfoot River. They called the area "Hellgate" because of the carnage they found there. C.P. Higgins and Francis Worden opened a trading post nearby in 1860, which became known as "Hellgate Village", the first white settlement in the region. While the canyon is still called "Hellgate", settlers called the village "Missoula Mills", after the Indian name and the sawmill and flour mills that were soon built. Fort Missoula was established by the U.S. Army in 1877 and the Northern Pacific Railroad came through in 1883, insuring that Missoula would become an important trading center, distributing agricultural products from the Bitterroot Valley. Numerous businesses are noted on this Birdseye View Map, along with civic sites. Panoramic map features Library of Congress stamp, dated July 19, 1884. This beautiful map provides a look at the beginnings of the city.

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Features references to the following locations:

County Court House.
High School.
Sisters' Hospital.
Flouring Mill. Worden & Co., Props.
Planing Mill and Lumber Yard. A.J. Urlin, Prop.
N.P.R.R., Depot.
N.P.R.R., Round Houses.
Catholic Church.
Methodist Church.
Episcopal Church.
Occidental Hotel. S.T. Arthur, Prop.
Missoula National Bank. F. Kennett, Cashier.
Ice Houses. Hartman & Schaberg, Props.
Hotel. J.D. Matthews, Prop.
Fort Missoula; four miles South.
Worden & Co., General Merchandise, Main Street, corner Higgins Ave.
Woody & Marshall, Attorneys, Higgins Ave.
Eddy, Hammond & Co., General Merchandise and Wholesale Liquors, Front St., cor. Higgins Ave.
Jas. E. Parker, House, Sign and Carriage Painter, Front St.
W.H.H. Dickinson, Books, Stationery and Fancy Goods, Main St., cor. Higgins Ave.
J.P. Reinhard, Hardware, Stoves, etc., Main St.
L.H.Choquette, Drugs, Paints, Oils, Glass, etc., Main St.
D.J. Armstrong, Editor Weekly Missoulian, Main St.
J. Solomon, Gen. Merchandise and Liquors, Wholesale and Retail, Main St., cor. Higgins Ave.
J. Roberts, Books, Stationery, Cigars, Tobaccos, etc., Higgins Ave.
Bennett Bros., Agricultural Implements, Wagons, Buggies, etc., Front St.
Dierman & Co., Saloon and Billiard Hall, Front St.
Hayes & lummer, Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, Front St., cor. Pattee.
Hartman & Schaberg, Produce, Vegetables, Seeds, etc., Front St.
S.W. Murphy, Saloon, Front St.
R.A. Pelkey & Co., Fruit and Notion Store, Front St.
Deschamps & Kern, General Blacksmithing, Front St.
M.S. Quist, Saloon, Front St.
L.C. Goodspeed, Jeweler, Front St.
J.S. Leiser, General Merchandise, Front St.
J. Binga, International Restaurant, Front St.
John M. Shopp, Saloon, Rodgers House, Front St.
Geo. L. Sweeney, Furniture and Undertaking, Front St.
E. A. Kenney, Saloon, Front St.
A. J. Staus, Gunsmith and Machinist, Front St.
C.W. Lombard, Dentist, Main St.
Rees Bros., Contractors and Builders, Main and Washington Sts.
A. Logan, Blacksmithing and Horse Shoeing, Main and Washington Sts.
Danforth & Otto, Contractors and Builders, East End Main St.
T.W. Longstaff, Architect and Builder, Main St.
Harding & Co., Meat Market, Front St.
P. McLoughlin & Co., Empire Saloon, Railroad Ave.
J.D. Matthews, General Merchandise, Saloon and Billiard Hall, First St., cor. Urlin Ave.
Harrison Spaulding, Editor Missoula Times, Main St.
A.J. Urlin, Real Estate, Fire and Life Insurance.
J.P. Smith, Tonsorial Parlor and Bathing Rooms, Front St.