Historic Map - Barre, Vermont - 1884

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Panoramic view map of Barre, Vermont, published by Geo. E. Norris in 1884.

The self-proclaimed "Granite Center of the World" began its life as an American town in 1780, then called Wildersburgh. Citizens renamed the town Barre in honor of Isaac Barre (1726-1802), an Irish soldier and politician who coined the term "Sons of Liberty" in support of American Whigs against Britain. The map captures the town eleven years before a separate city of four square miles was created within its boundaries that still exists today.

Shortly after the War of 1812, one of the world's largest granite deposits was discovered at Millstone Hill. Native Americans who occupied the region prior to American settlement were aware of the presence of granite deposits, but it was American geologists who discovered the extent of the find. When word reached Europe about the vast deposit, stone workers from across Europe began to migrate to the area. The arrival of the railroad in 1875, making the transport of granite to markets much easier, triggered the boom of the granite industry in Barre. This map reflects the town as it appeared just nine years after the railroad arrived. Note that a dozen businesses identified as Granite Works are indexed on the map.

Features numbered & lettered references to the following locations:

Congregational Church.
Methodist Church.
Universalist Church.
Barre Academy (Founded 1849).
Goddard Seminary.
District School.
Post Office and Town Hall.
National Bank of Barre.
Barre Enterprise Office.
Octagon House, H. N. Morse, Proprietor.
The Stafford and Holden Manufacturing Co., Forks, Hoes and Rakes.
The Barre Iron Works, Smith, Whitcomb & Cook.
Flour and Grist Mill, Smith, Whitcomb & Cook.
Woolen Mill, William Moorcroft.
Carriage Shop, W. F. Bradford.
H. H. Gerward, Blacksmithing.
Wetmore & Morse, Granite Works.
White Bros., Granite Works.
Wells, Lamson & Co., Granite Works.
E. L. Smith & Co., Granite Works.
Marr & Gordon, Granite Works.
Warley & Williams, Granite Works.
G. W. Mann, Granite Works.
W. G. Parker, Granite Works.
C. B. Granger, Granite Works.
C. M. Doten, Granite Works.
Wilkinson & Day, Granite Works.
Gamble & Young, Granite Works.
L. M. Averill, Groceries, Grain and Flour.
H. Z. Mills, General Merchandise.
Jackson & Taft, Groceries and Restaurant.
Geo. P. Boyce, Clothing and Gents' Furnishing Goods.
J. W. Leonard, Meat Market.
J. G. Morrison & Co., Clothing and Gents' Furnishing Goods.
W. A. & O. B. Boyce, Attorneys.
Perley Chandler, Jeweler.
O. F. Jackman, Stoves, Tin and Hardware.
E. T. Rice, Merchant Tailor.
J. G. Nichols, Jewelry and Sporting Goods.
Sheplee & Jones, Furniture.
J. B. Chamberlin, Groceries.
Asa Harrington, Meat Market.
W. D. Hooker, Wholesale Produce Dealer.
Perry & Camp, Dry Goods and Groceries.
Dr. J. Henry Jackson's Office.
J. C. Briggs, Dentist.
E. W. Bisbee, Attorney.
O. H. Reed, Dentist.
F. W. Sherburne, Photographer.
G. J. Reynolds, Stoves and Hardware.
E. J. Gale, Livery, Feed and Sale Stables.
C. H. Jackson, Livery Stable.

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