Historic Map - Stamford, CT - 1883

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Stamford, Conn. Drawn by L. R. Burleigh.

Beautifully hand-colored historic map of Stamford, CT, drawn by Lucien R. Burleigh and published by Beck & Pauli Lith. in 1883. Nicknamed "The City That Works", Stamford lies near the southwest point of Connecticut. Its close proximity to the waters off New York and its important railroad links lured many early industrialists to the area. Two such enterprisers were Linus Yale Jr. and Henry R. Towne who manufactured locks in Shelbourne, Massachusetts. Yale was an inventor and bank lock maker and Towne was an engineer. Yale had patented his five-pin tumbler lock in 1861. The partnership formed the Yale Lock Company, moved their business to Stamford and manufactured many variations of compact lightweight locks that were virtually pick-proof. Many referred to Stamford as "Lock Town". Yale died in 1868 leaving Towne as sole owner and in 1883 he renamed the business as Yale & Towne Manufacturing Company. Beginning in the late 1800's, New Yorkers began building summer homes along the shoreline of Stamford.

The map features clearly labeled street names with lively scenes of railroad and shipping traffic.

Complete reference list below.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  1. Town Hall
  2. N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R. Station
  3. H. W. Collender Co.
  4. Yale & Towne Manufacturing Co.
  5. H. K. White's Straw Goods Manufactory
  6. Lincrusta Walton Manufacturing Co.
  7. H. A. Perkins' Fire Brick Works
  8. St. John, Hoyt & Co.'s Lumber Yard and Moulding Mill
  9. The Ingersoll Manufacturing Co.
  10. Automatic Scale Manufacturing Co.
  11. Stamford Stove Works
  12. W. C. Harding & Co.'s Woolen Mill
  13. C. H. Taff's Lumber Yard and Planing Mill
  14. Mt. Vernon Suspender Co.
  15. B. Keith & Co., Manufacturing Chemists
  16. C. H. White & Co.'s Lumber Yard and Planing Mill
  17. Presbyterian Church
  18. Baptist Church
  19. Universalist Church
  20. St. John's Episcopal Church
  21. St. Andrew's Episcopal Church
  22. Methodist Episcopal Church
  23. Congregational Church
  24. Roman Catholic Church
  25. Methodist Chapel
  26. Waterside Chapel
  27. Y. M. C. A. Building
  28. Furguson Library
  29. Public Schools
  30. First National Bank
  31. Stamford National Bank
  32. Stamford Savings Bank
  33. Stamford House
  34. Union House
  35. "The Arlington"
  36. Hamilton House

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