Historic Map - Terre Haute, IN - 1880

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Panoramic view of Terre Haute, Ind. 1880.

Reproduction historic map of Terre Haute, Indiana, published in 1880. Formerly the site of a Wea Indian village, the town of Terre Haute was originally platted and made available to settlers in 1816. The Terre Haute Land Company proprietors made provisions for land and funding for a courthouse and a courthouse square, helping the town to win the status of County Seat for Vigo County in March, 1818.

Terre Haute was an agrarian community throughout its early days. Pork processing was a specialty. By the mid-1840's, more than 100 businesses existed in Terre Haute. Larger packing houses in the Chicago and Kansas City began to affect the pork business in Terre Haute, followed by the interruption of trade with the South during the Civil War, leaving the economic future of Terre Haute uncertain. The discovery of coal fields in nearby Clay County in 1867 made the large-scale production of iron possible. Several foundries and rolling mills were started, establishing Vigo County as a major mining and manufacturing center.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  1. First Baptist Church.
  2. First Congregational Church.
  3. Centinary Church.
  4. St. Stephens Episcopal Church.
  5. Asbury Church.
  6. Evangelical German Lutheran Church.
  7. St. Joseph's Catholic Church.
  8. St. Benedict German Catholic Church.
  9. St. Ann's Catholic Church.
10. Christian Chapel Church.
11. Central Presbytarian Church.
12. Universalist Church.
13. Normal School.
14. Rose Polytechnic Institute.
15. Terre Haute Iron and Nail Works.
16. Wabash Iron Co.
17. Danville R. R. Shops.
18. I & St. L. R. R. Shops.
19. H. Kulman, Wholesale Grocer.
20. H. Kulman, Coffee And Spice Mills.
21. Anton Mayer's Brewery and Bottling Department.
22. L. Kuessner's Palace of Music.
23. Emil Bauer's Millinery Store.
24. E. Haas's Nursery and Vine Yard.
25. Phil. Monninger's Tivoli.
26. Opera House.
27. Distillery, Cox & Fairbanks, Proprietors.
28. Terre Haute Brewing Co.
29. Stove Works, E. J. King, Proprietor.
30. Court Park.
31. Court House.
32. Market House, with City Offices.
33. Terre Haute Coffee and Spice Mills, Jos. Strong, Proprietor.
34. Homing Mills, Hudnut & Co., Proprietor.
35. Mayer's House.
36. I. & St. L. Depot.
37. Christ. Dressler.
38. Gyllman & Reynold's Stove Factory.
39. "Terre Haute Banner", G. Gfoerer, Proprietor.
40. "Terre Haute Daily Express Printing Co."
41. Magnetic Artesian Bath Co.
42. Western Union Telegraph Co.'s Office.
43. U. R. Jeffers Woolen Mills.
44. E. & T. H. R. R. Co.'s Freight Depots.
45. George F. Ellis' Woolen Mills.
46. B. M. Hoopman, Dealer in Leather & Findings.
47. Post Office.
48. Terre Haute House.
49. E. Hirschberg, Wholesale Cigars and Tobacco.
50. Union Depot.
51. T. H. & Ind. R. R. Shops.