Historic Map - Texarkana, TX - 1888

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Perspective map of Texarkana, Texas and Arkansas. Beck & Pauli Lith.

Historic map of Texarkana, TX, published in 1888. Uniquely located on a site that had been a "Gateway to the Southwest", even during the period when the Caddo Indian tribe had a village there. Archeological evidence suggests that "The Great Southwest Trail", which passes by the Caddo village site which is now Texarkana, had been used for centuries as the main route of travel for Indians headed from the Mississippi River country to the South and West. The location provided a logical meeting point for the railroad expansion planned by the Texas and Pacific Railroad, to bring the track to the state line from the south, and the Cairo and Fulton Railroad, to extend their line west, across Arkansas to the state line.

The town was ready for the meeting of the lines, with the town's first business, a drug and grocery store, opened by George M. Clark in December, 1873. The following month, the roads were joined. The town plan on the Texas side of the state line was platted by the Texas and Pacific Railway Company. The town's main street, State Line Avenue, was the actual border line between Arkansas and Texas. The State of Texas officially granted Texarkana its charter in 1876.

It is interesting to note that both the Arkansas side and Texas side post offices are referenced on the map. Prior to 1886, there was a post office on the Arkansas side of town only. Postal officials granted the Texas side of Texarkana its own post office after repeated requests, but the Texas side post office was only open from 1886 to 1892, when it was closed. It was not until the 1900's that Texarkana would officially be given Texas post office designation.  

Complete reference list below.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  1. Court House, Arkansas Side.
  2. Post Office, Arkansas Side.
  3. Post Office, Texas Side.
  4. Presbyterian Church.
  5. Roman Catholic Church.
  6. St. Hedwig's Institute.
  7. Baptist Church.
  8. Southern M. E. Church.
  9. Episcopal Church.
10. Christian Church.
11. 4th St. M. E. Church.
12. School House.
13. Gallagher & Co., Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes.
14. J. W. Hart, Wholesale and Retail Grocery and Liquors.
15. Turner Bros., Wholeale & Retail Grocers.
16. Texarkana National Bank.
17. F. W. Offenhauser, General Insurance Agency.
18. Texarkana Ice Co.
19. Texarkana Machine Co.
20. W. L. & B. Whitacker, Railway Ties, Lumber, & c.
21. Kiser Lumber Co.
22. Arkansas Oil Compress Co.
23. Todd & Hudgins, Attorneys at Law.
24. Arnold & Cook, Attorneys at Law.
25. Pacific Express Co., M. C. thompson, Agent.
26. O. P. Taylor, Real Estate Agent.
27. Ghio's Opera House.
28. Ghio's Cotton Belt Block.
29. Ghio's Building, occupied as Court House.
30. Ghio's Residence.
31. Smith & Arbuckle, Real Estate Agents.
32. T. L. L. Temple, Wholesale and Retail Grocer.
33. Henry & Henry, Attorneys at Law.
34. J. Deutschman, Real Estate Agent.
35. L. A. Byrne, Attorney at Law.
36. Kelley & Bramble, Real Estate Agents.
37. Huckins House, J. Huckins, Proprietor.
38. The Andrews Block.
39. Scott & Jones, Attorneys at Law.
40. J. A. Lightfoot & Co., Druggist.
41. Chatfield & Buhrmann, Hardware and Mill Supplies.
42. Cosmopolitan Hotel, W. H. McCartney, Proprietor.
43. V. E. Buron, Gents Furnishing Goods.
44. Benefield Hotel, J. M. Benefield, proprietor.
45. P. F. McCormick, Dealer in Produce and Groceries.
46. C. A. Hooks, Real Estate & Conveyancing.
47. First National BAnk.
48. Union Depot, W. Williams, Agent.
49. Gate City Lumber Co.
50. C. E. Haydon & Co., General Store.
51. J. T. Hogane, Real Estate, Furniture and Hardware.
52. Frank G. Miller, Texarkana Iron Works.
53. W. E. Varner's Brick Yard.
54. Webster & Co., Druggists.
55. Thos. Hale & Co., Druggists.

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