Historic Map – Washington, DC - 1892

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View of Washington, D.C., 1892 / drawn & published by Currier & Ives.

This bird’s-eye view print of Washington, DC was drawn and published by Currier & Ives in 1892. Our nation’s capital city was first organized in the late 1700's along the Potomac River. Washington DC’s bid to host the Columbian Exposition of 1892 was lost to Chicago, as that city was rebuilding. Washington’s proposal did succeed in the materialization of a new zoo at Rock Creek Park.

Washington DC was a growing capital city in the 1890s as modern improvements continued, and manufacturing and business opportunities arose. The city streets were now paved and ready for the future. Washington’s population reached 230,392 in 1890.

The illustration from above the Potomac River, looking north, shows the capitol building, government buildings, streets, railroad routes and waterfront activity.

Listed References:

North West Division.
Farragut Square.
National Observatory.
Rawlins’ Square.
Scott Place.
Louise Home.
Arlington House.
Corcoran Art Gallery.
War, Navy & State Building.
South West Division.
The President’s Grounds.
Executive Mansion (White House).
Lafayette Square.
Department of Justice.
Foundry M. E. Church.
U. S. Treasury.
Columbian University.
14th St. Circle.
Ebbitt House.
Rigg’s House.
Willard’s Hotel.
Potomac River.
Howard University.
Liberty Square.
U. S. Patent Office.
U. S. Post Office.
Pension Bureau.
Census Bureau.
Washington Monument.
Bureau of Engraving & Printing.
The Mall.
K Street Market.
Massachusetts Avenue.
City Hall Park.
City Hall.
Washington Market.
Agricultural Department.
Smithsonian Institute.
Metropolitan Hotel.
National Hotel.
Pennsylvania Avenue.
B. & P. R. R. Depot.
National Museum.
Long Bridge.
B. & O. R. R. Depot.
The Capitol.
Botanical Garden.
Jefferson School.
Stanton Square.
South East Division.
North East Division.
Lincoln Square.
Seward Square.
U. S. Arsenal.
U. S. Marine Barracks.
Kendall Green.
Navy Yard.
East Branch of the Potomac.