Historic Railroad Map of North Carolina & Virginia - 1887

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Map showing the Albemarle & Pantego Railroad and its connections.

The Albemarle & Pantego Railroad was constructed in the 1880's through the Albemarle District and connecting with the Norfolk Southern Railroad to carry passengers and freight from the Pungo River in Hyde County, North Carolina all the way to Norfolk, Virginia.

The region to the south towards Pantego was highly forested in the late 1800's. The railroad made its way through forests of pine, white cedar, ash, cypress and oak, and numerous mills were erected along the railroad’s path.

Farms in the area grew several different vegetables, along with grain and hay grasses, and fruit; all of which were transported using this railroad line. The many waterways of the region supplied fresh fish, and the fertile pastures fed valuable cattle; all needing the new transportation to market.

The Albemarle & Pantego was a valuable addition to this area, which had been previously quite remote.

The railroad promised, at the time it was built, to maintain first-class service for transportation of goods to the markets of the world. The two or three day sailing trip from Hyde County to Norfolk would now be done in less than five hours. Fresh produce and seafood would now be able to reach the big markets of Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York faster.

The fertile land adjacent to the railroad’s path was offered for sale by the railroad and the cooperation of the John L. Roper Land and Lumber Company of Norfolk, Virginia, at premium prices, once cleared of timber. The town of Lees Mills actually changed its name to Roper during this era.

The Albemarle & Pantego was acquired by the Norfolk Southern Railroad in 1891.

This detailed map of the coastal regions of Virginia and North Carolina was published in 1887 by G.W. & C.B. Colton & Co. It displays drainage, counties, mills, cities and towns. Main railroad routes are noted using a heavier line, with the Albemarle & Pantego in red.