Historic Railroad Map of North Carolina & Virginia - 1891

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Maps showing the Norfolk, Albemarle & Atlantic Railroad and its connections.

During the late 1800's many new railroads were built in the coastal areas of Virginia and North Carolina. The region southeast of Norfolk including the Pungo River Valley was highly forested at the time.

In the 1890's, railroads were the popular new transportation for the areas valued timber. Oak, Pine, White Cedar, ash and Cypress grew abundantly throughout the region.

Farmers in that part of the country were able to produce ample vegetable crops and all sorts of fruit. The many waterways supplied fresh fish and fertile pastures fed valued cattle; all needing the new transportation to market.

These lands were somewhat remote before the railroads arrived. The addition of railroads to this area promoted tourism and offered first-class transportation of goods to the large markets at Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York. Perishables could now be transported in a matter of hours instead of days, as it had previously taken.

The Norfolk, Albemarle & Atlantic Railroad designed a popular connection that carried tourists into the town of Virginia Beach.

The line continued south into Munden where a turntable changed its direction. Steam ferries were also available at Munden.

The Norfolk, Albemarle & Atlantic Railway began operations in 1891. Five years later, in 1896, the line was succeeded by the Norfolk, Virginia Beach & Southern Railroad.

This map was published in 1891 by G.W. & C.B. Colton & Co. The main map features southern tidewater Virginia and eastern North Carolina. It displays drainage, canals, counties, cities and towns.

Railroads are color-coded in red and blue.

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