Historic Railroad Map of North Carolina - 1900

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Railroad Map of North Carolina, 1900, examined and authorized by the North Carolina corporation commission.

The state of North Carolina was one of the original thirteen British colonies, and was the first area that English explorers attempted to settle. Known as the Province of Carolina from 1663 to 1712, the area included both North and South Carolina until 1720, when the colony split.

Both of the colonies became British royal colonies in 1729. After the Revolutionary War, the colony was admitted to the Union as a state on November 21st, 1789.

The state is now made up of 100 counties and is home to several large cities, including Charlotte and Raleigh.

The agricultural community of Greensboro prospered in the late 1800's with the addition of railroads, eventually becoming a major railroad hub for transportation of goods between the north and the south.

Textiles such as denim and flannel were produced in and around Greensboro and transported, on a large scale, to manufacturers all over the country during the 1890's.

This colorful map was published in 1900 by H.C. Brown. It shows relief using hachures, waterways, counties, cities and towns.

Railroads, including the Atlantic Coast Line, the Seaboard Air Line, and the Southern Railway, are color-coded. Proposed railway lines are indicated; along with automobile lines.

A list of Mileage and Terminals appears at the lower left.