Historic Railroad Map of South Carolina - 1900

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South Carolina Railroads.

Charleston was founded in 1670, though at the time it was named Charles Towne. In 1783, after the American Revolution, the town changed it's name to the current form. The city was one of the largest in colonial America.

Columbia was settled on the east bank of the Congaree River in the late 1700's.

When South Carolina was made a state in 1788, Columbia, because of its central location, was named state capital.

A canal leading to the port town of Charleston was built in the early 1800's.

Railroads reached Columbia in the 1840's. The town was then a major cotton and woolen commercial center.

South Carolina seceded from the Union in 1860, but was readmitted in 1868.

Much of Columbia was left in ashes following the Union army’s occupation during the American Civil War. At the war’s end Columbia experienced a major reconstruction of its buildings and damaged railroad system.

This detailed map was published in 1900 by Rand, McNally & Co. It shows cities, towns, counties, waterways and clearly labeled railroad system.

Included is a list of South Carolina railroads of 1900. Reverse side is faintly exposed.

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