Historic Railroad Map of North & South Carolina - 1839

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Map of North and South Carolina exhibiting the post offices, post roads, canals, railroads, etc.

Known as the Province of Carolina from 1663 to 1712, the area included both North and South Carolina until 1720, when the colony split. Both of the colonies became British royal colonies in 1729.

Following the Revolutionary War, South Carolina was admitted to the Union as a state on May 23, 1788 and North Carolina on November 21st, 1789.

South Carolina was the first state to ratify the Articles of Confederation and the eighth state to ratify the new Constitution. Later it became the first state to secede from the Union in 1860.

The city of Charleston, South Carolina was founded in 1670, though at the time it was named Charles Towne. In 1783, after the American Revolution, the town changed it's name to the current form.

In 1839 the Roman Catholic Church in Charleston was rebuilt after a fire destroyed it the previous year. The St. Mary of the Annunciation Catholic Church was the first Roman Catholic parish in the southern region, having been organized in 1791.

This ornate church completed in 1839 has been added onto and much renovated over the years, but still stands as a historic landmark along Charleston’s Hasell Street.

This detailed map shows relief by hachures, drainage, cities, towns, canals, roads, county boundaries, and railroad network of 1839. It was published in 1839 by David H. Burr.

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