Historic Railroad Map of South Carolina - 1833

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A New Map of South Carolina with its canals, roads and distances from place to place along the stage and steam boat routes.

Charleston was founded in 1670, though at the time it was named Charles Towne. In 1783, after the American Revolution, the town changed it's name to the current form. The city was one of the largest in colonial America.

Hamburg was a bustling farmer's marketing center along the Savannah River in the 1830's. The town was abandoned in the 1850's after the newly built Augusta Canal began transporting goods directly into Augusta, Georgia.

The South Carolina Canal and Railroad Company's narrow gauge line from Hamburg to Charleston was completed in 1833. The railroad was a successful southern system that transported mostly cotton and timber.

The railroad's 136 miles of track took just three years to lay because the rail used timber pilings for support and not earthen, like most railroads. This method was later found to be problematic for the railroad.

The line merged with the Louisville, Cincinnati and Charleston Railroad in 1844. Its name was changed to the South Carolina Railroad at that time.

This map was published in 1833 by Henry S. Tanner. It shows the routes of the South Carolina Canal and Railroad Company. It shows relief, drainage, cities and towns. Railroads and canals are clearly labeled, both completed and proposed. Complete mileage list is included.

Inset map at the lower left details Charleston.

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