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Historic Map - Tallahassee, FL - 1885

View of the city of Tallahassee. State capital of Florida, county seat of Leon county 1885. H. Wellge, del. Beck & Pauli, litho.

Reproduction historic map of Tallahassee, Florida published in 1885 by Henry Wellge. The county seat of Leon County, Tallahassee was established in 1824 following a decision to locate the capital of the new Florida Territory midway between St. Augustine and Pensacola, the two population centers in the territory.

Detailed illustrations of the The Leon and The Morgan hotels are included in the lower corners of the map. The Leon Hotel, at 110 East Park Avenue, was a two-story structure with sprawling grounds that burned down in 1925. The building featured ornate porches that were an admirable example of the Victorian style.

This map captures the city as it appeared just after the the state university was established by Reverend John Kost of Michigan in 1883. The university was called the Florida University and later called the University of Florida. This map published in 1885 lists the name as University of Florida in its list of referenced places.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  1. Capitol.
  2. County Court House.
  3. University of Florida.
  4. State Seminary.
  5. Lincoln Academy.
  6. University Library.
  7. Gallie's Hall.
  8. Masonic and I. O. O. F. Hall.
  9. Post Office.
10. Depot F. R. & N. Co. and St. Marks R. R.
11. Leon Hotel, J. M. Lee, Prop.
12. "The Morgan", Geo. C. Morgan, Prop.
13. St. James Hotel, George A. Lamb, Prop.
14. Episcopal Church.
15. Presbyterian Church.
16. Methodist Church.
17. Baptist Church.
18. Catholic Church and Convent.
19. Colored Methodist Churches.
20. Colored Baptist Churches.
21. "The Murat Place", Residence of Prince Murat, son of the king of Naples.
22. Graves of Prince and Princess Murat.
23. Site of Fort San Luis.
  9. "The Floridian" Office.
24. "The Land of Flowers" Office.
25. "The Economist" Office.
26. B. C. Lewis and Sons, Bankers.
27. The Tallahassee Real Estate Exchange.
28. Wm P. Slusser & Co., General Merchandise.
29. M. Lively, Drugs and Medicines.
30. R. & J. Munro, General Merchandise.
31. Cole S. Dickenson, General Merchandise.
32. Y. A. Levy, General Merchandise.
33. A. Gallie Jr., General Merchandise and Bakery.
34. Geo. P. Raney, Judge, Supreme Court.
35. D. S. Walker, Judge, Circuit Court.
36. C. A. Bryan, Clerk of Circuit Cout.
37. R. W. Williams, Attorney at Law.
27. John A. Henderson, Attorney at Law.
39. F. T. Myers, Attorney at Law.
40. Geo. W. Betton, M. D.
41. T. J. Perkins, Commission Merchant.
42. J. C. Kemper, Livery Stable.
43. Geo. Lewis' Residence.
44. Edward Lewis' Residence.
45. W. C. Lewis' Residence.
46. R. C. Long's Residence.
47. R. W. Williams' Residence.
48. D. Cook's Residence.
49. F. R. & N. R. R. Shops.
Historic Map of Tallahassee, FL - 1885

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