National Geographic Canada Classic Political Wall Map

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The Classic Canada Map from National Geographic is a stunning political map of Canada featuring National Geographic's signature cartographic style that has been a staple in many of their print publications for over 75 years. This Canada wall map is richly detailed with thousands of place name labels that have been meticulously placed on the map to enhance legibility and maximize the level of detail. National Geographic's Classic Canada. Map utilizes a bright color palette with Canadian provinces outlined in subtle contrasting colors combined with detailed shaded relief and blue ocean bathymetry. An iconic Canada wall map that will look very stylish displayed on the wall of your home, office, school, or public lobby. The map is presented in a Azimuthal Equidistant Projection and also covers nearby areas of Greenland and the United States.

A wide range of geographic information identifies cultural and physical features including:
  • Bold easy to read National Geographic fonts.
  • Canadian provinces clearly defined in contrasting colors.
  • Major cities, capital cities, airports, highways, major roads, railways, and ferry routes. Oil pipelines and oil fields.
  • Rivers, lakes, mountain ranges, swamp land, valleys, and plateaus. National Park areas shaded in green.
  • Latitude/longitude lines. Winter sea ice extent indicated.

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