World Exaggerated Relief Enhanced Satellite Image Map Mural

Shipping Weight:
7.00 pounds
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A very impressive wall map of the world that features exaggerated terrain relief as well as ocean floor bathymetry. The 3-D rendered shaded relief pops right off the page (this is a 2-D print, but appears as though it is 3-D raised relief). The map features NASA satellite imagery combined with SRTM elevation data. The ocean floor detail was rendered using GEBCO bathymetric data.

  • Incredible detail of landforms and undersea features.
  • 3-D rendered using the latest terrain and sea floor data models available.
  • Printed on an easy to install removable and re-usable adhesive-backed fabric that leaves no residue or damage to the wall.
  • Great for rental houses & apartments. Resists wrinkles, bubbling, and tears.
    Simply peel, place, & stick!
  • The map does not feature any labels. It is a stunning piece of art depicting the world's mountain terrain and ocean floor in exceptional detail.

A decorative world map mural to display in your home, office, classroom, or public lobby. The map is presented in a Miller Projection.

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