Historic Map - St. Johnsbury, Vermont - 1884

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Panoramic map of St. Johnsbury, VT, Caledonia County, drawn and published by Geo. E. Norris in 1884.

The town of St. Johnsbury lies at the heart of the Passumpsci River basin, at the confluence of the Passumpsic River, the Moose River and the Sleeper River, on the northern shore of Lake Hitchcock.  Originally settled in 1760 as part of the New Hampshire Grants, the villagers a name proposed by Ethan Allen who suggested naming the town after Jean de Crèvecoeur, French author and friend of Benjamin Franklin.  Local lore suggests that Jean de Crèvecoeur himself proposed the different spelling so that the name would not be confused with Saint John, New Brunswick.

The platform scale was invented in St. Johnsbury in 1830 by Thaddeus Fairbanks. An inset illustration of Fairbanks Scale Works appears on the lower left corner of the map.

Features numbered & lettered references to the following locations:

North Congregational Church.
South Congregational Church.
Free Will Baptist Church.
Calvinistic Baptist Church.
Methodist Episcopal Church.
St. Andrews Episcopal Church.
Reformed Presbyterian Church.
Roman Catholic Church.
Church of the Messiah (Universalist).
Advent Church.
Y.M.C.A. Building.
County Court House and Town Hall.
Y.M.C.A. Lecture Hall.
St. Johnsbury Academy and South Hall.
Union Graded Schools.
Public Schools.
Convent of the Congregation of Notre Dame.
St. Agnes Hall School.
Post Office.
St. Johnsbury House.
Avenue House.
Cottage House.
Caledonian Office, Stone & Co..
St. Johnsbury Index, John E. Harris.
Advertiser Job Printing Office, L. W. Rowell.
First National Bank.
Merchant's National Bank.
Passumpsic Savings Bank.
General Offices St. J. & L.C.R.R..
Odd Fellows Block.
Masonic Hall, Sanborn's Block.
Avenue Hall.
E. & T. Fairbanks & Co., Scale Works. E. & T. Fairbanks & Co., Scale Works Office.
E. & T. Fairbanks & Co., Scale Works Store.
E. & T. Fairbanks & Co., Scale Works Finishing Department.
E. & T. Fairbanks & Co., Scale Works Machine Shop.
E. & T. Fairbanks & Co., Scale Works Blacksmith Shop.
E. & T. Fairbanks & Co., Scale Works Foundry.
Ely, Hoe and Fork Company.
Miller & Ryan, Carriage Manufactory.
St. Johnsbury & Lake Champlain R. R. Shops.
St. Johnsbury Granite Co..
J. Pinard & Demers, Furniture Manufactory.
Shields & Jones, Furniture Manufactory.
B. F. Rollins, Threshing Machine Manufactory.
A. H. McLeod, Flour and Grist Mill.
M. J. Caldbeck, Sash, Door and Blind Manufactory.
Geo. W. Bonett, Foundry.
Thompson & Goss, Machinists.
O. V. Hooker & Son, Board Planer and Mill Manufactory.
W. S. Smith, Furniture Manufactory.
W. F. Morris, Chair Manufactory.
Wheeler & Co., Machinists.
Lindorf Morris, Plow Works.
J. M. Warner, Machinist.
Hines & Clifford, Machinists and Pipe Fitters.
Conley & Parodix, File Works.
Carrick Bros., Granite Works.
O. P. Bennett, Marble Works.
E. L. Hovey, Lumber Mill.
Henault & Yingras, House, Sign and Carriage Painting.
Cross & Bradley, Bakers and Confectioners.
E. T. & H. K. Ide, Wholesale Flour and Grain and Salt.
H. E. Fletcher & Co., Wholesale Flour and Grain.
William Wilder & Son, Wholesale Iron, Coal, etc..
Warren Estabrooks, Wholesale General Merchandise.
C. F. Gibbs, Florist.
C. F. Shepherd, Photographer.
T. C. Haynes, Photographer.
John Belknap, Water Motors.
St. Johnsbury Water Works, Pump Station.
E. & T. F. Fairbanks & Co.'s Reservoir.

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