Historic Map - Battle Creek, MI - 1880

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View of Battle Creek, Calhoun County, M.I., 1880.

This bird’s-eye view print of Battle Creek, Michigan was drawn and published around 1880. Battle Creek was settled in the early 1830's near the Kalamazoo River. Battle Creek was the marketing and mill center for the region’s farmers.

In 1866 the Battle Creek Sanitarium opened its doors as Western Health Reform Institute. The healthful retreat, using hydrotherapy, physical exercise and dietary techniques, operated under principles advocated by the Seventh-Day Adventist church. Dr. John Harvey Kellogg gained control of the retreat in 1872, with his brother Will Keith Kellogg as bookkeeper. Dr. Kellogg was an advocate of vegetarianism, exercise, and other holistic health methods. Kellogg developed cold cereal as we know it today. His method was copied and manufactured by others, which motivated his brother Will to establish the Kellogg Cereal Company and its healthy Corn Flakes breakfast cereal.

In the 1880's, Battle Creek could be reached by the Michigan Central Railroad, the Chicago & Grand Trunk Railway or the Cincinnati, Jackson & Mackinaw Railroad.

The map shows labeled roads, buildings, race track, waterways and railroad route.

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