Historic Map - Bismarck, ND - 1883

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View of the city of Bismarck, Dak. Capital of Dakota and county-seat of Burleigh-County 1883. Beck & Pauli, lithographers.

Reproduction of a panoramic map of Bismarck, North Dakota in 1883. This map was created within ten years of the town's incorporation, on the hills overlooking the Missouri River. Once known as the "Crossing of the Missouri" for the steamboat port that began in this area during the 1830s, the U.S. Army created Camp Greeley here in 1872, to protect railroad workers. Once the railroad reached the fort in 1873, the town was planned and given the name Bismarck in an effort to attract German investment in the Northern Pacific Railroad. Bismarck was to become the territorial capital in the same year the map is dated, 1883. An important supply point for the Black Hills Gold Rush of 1874, Bismarck remained a gateway for western expansion throughout the century. Library of Congress stamp, dated October 31, 1883 is shown on the lower margin of the map. County Seat of Burleigh County is noted in the title cartouche, with the city's name given as Bismarck, Dak. The High School and the Capitol Building are illustrated in the two lower insets. On the upper left, an insert that illustrates the North Pacific Rail Road Bridge, completed October 20, 1882, is proudly displayed. The Dakota Penitentiary is displayed in the upper right inset. Steamboat traffic is shown along the Missouri River. This beautiful map provides a look at the beginnings of the city. Complete reference list below.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

Capitol Building.
High School Building.
Court House Building.
Dakota Block Building.
Union Block.
Raymond's Block.
Central Block.
First National Bank Building.
Mellon Brothers' Building.
Merchant's National Bank Building.
Flannery & Weatherby Building.
Temporary Capitol Building.
Sheridan House.
Merchant's Hotel.
Merchant's Hotel, Franklin House.
Banner House.
Pacific Hotel.
Western House.
Custor Hotel.
Montana Hotel.
Bismarck Daily Tribune.
Bismarck Daily Advertiser.
Dakota Daily Capitol.
Planing Mill.
Catholic Church.
Episcopal Church.
Presbyterian Church.
Methodist Church.
Baptist Church.