Historic Map - Jamestown, ND - 1883

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Bird's eye view of Jamestown, Dak., c.s. of Stutsman County 1883. Beck & Pauli, lithographers.

Incorporated in 1883, Jamestown was originally the site of Fort Seward, a small post established by the U.S. Army in 1872. Overlooking the confluence of the James River and Pipestem Creek, Fort Seward guarded the crossing of the James River by the Northern Pacific Railroad. This reproduction of the panoramic map shows the Library of Congress stamp, dated October 31, 1883 on lower margin. The Court House is shown in the lower left inset. This beautiful map provides a look at the beginnings of the city. Complete reference list below.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  1. Court House.
  2. High School.
  3. Presbyterian Church.
  4. Methodist Church.
  5. Catholic Church.
  6. Baptist Church - as proposed.
  7. James River National Bank.
  8. First National Bank.
  9. North Dakota Bank.
10. Lloyds Bank.
12. Flouring Mill, Klaus, Fox & Co.
13. Planing Mill, C.E. Wright, Sup't.
14. Flour and Feed Mill, Burgmister & Bush.
15. Stutsman Co. Elevator, A.G. Chambers, Manager.
16. Jamestown Elevator.
17. Dakota House, A.A. Doolittle, Propr.
18. Grand Central Hotel, M.E. Foley, Propr.
19. Northwestern Hotel, Flint & Nichols, Proprs.
20. Commercial Hotel, S.A. Shain, Propr.
21. St. James Hotel, J.B. Fitzgerald, Propr.
22. North Pacific House, H.B. Bush, Propr.
23. Farmer Home Hotel, A.J. Smith, Propr.
24. Windsor House, James Dunn, Propr.
D.L. Wilbor, Real Estate, First National Bank Block.
Thos. S. Collins, Real Estate, First National Bank Block.
Jamestown Hardware Co., First National Bank Block.
Wells, Dudley & Co., Real Estate, James River National Bank Block.
S.K. McGinnis, Real Estate, Front Street and Pittsburgh Ave.
L. DuBuisson, General Merchandise, Main St..D.R. Long, Real Estate and Loans, Main St.
James River Lumber Co., J.M. Culloch, Manager, Main St.
W.P. Heimbach & Co., Lumber Dealers, Main St.
Shoenberg Bros., General Merchandise, Wholesale and Retail, Fifth Ave. South.
Grim, Gieseler & Co., General Hardware, Fifth Ave. South.
Murray & Mehlhop, Clothing, Bots, Shoes, Etc., Fifth Ave. South.
Chapman & French, Groceries and provisions, Fifth Ave. South.
Spangenberg & Stallman, Harness, Trunks, Etc., Fifth Ave. South.
C.H. Manly, Cigar Manufacturer, Fifth Ave. South.
A.F. Linderman, Bakery and Restaurant, Fifth Ave. South.
J. Nuetzel & Son, Meat Market, Fifth Ave. South.
F.M. Brown, Furniture, Fourth Ave. South.
D.E. Hughes, Novelty Carriage Works, Corner 2nd St. and 6th Ave.
A.F. Spangler, General Blacksmithing, Sixth Ave. South.
A.J. Smith, Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, Second St.
D. H. Laughlin, House, Sign and Carriage Painting, Second St.
B.M. Hicks & Co., Coal, Wool, Feed and Plasterers Supplies, Front St.
Chicago China and Glass Co., Fifth Ave. North.
Wm. H. Dunne, Law and Real Estate, Fifth Ave. North.
J.E. March, Law and Real Estate, Fifth Ave. North.
Phillip Faude, Custom Boots and Shoes, Fourth Ave. South.
T. B. VanWyck, Dry Goods, Fourth Ave. South.
E. M. Sanford, Law and Real Estate, Fourth Ave. South.
Lambert Smith, General Blacksmithing, Fifth Ave. South.
R. Pohl, Saloon and Villiards, Fifth Ave. South.
Otto Gasal, Real Estate and Stock, Fifth Ave. South.
McGuire & Hartman, Dry Goods, Millinery, Carpets, Hats and Caps, Etc., Fifth Ave. South.
T.J. Jones, Farm Machinery, Fifth Ave. South.
S.S. Altschul, General Merchandise, Central Hotel Block.
J.E. McGill, Attorney at Law, Fifth Ave. North.
Burke & Speaker, Editors Daily and Weekly Capital, Fifth Ave. North.
Turner & Townsend, Merchant Tailors, Fifth Ave. North.
R. G. DePuy, Physician and Surgeon, Fifth Ave. North.
B.S. Russell & Sons, Real Estate, Fifth Ave. North.
Lewis T. Hamilton, Law and Real Estate, Fifth Ave. North.
A. Steinbach, Wholesale and Retail Furniture, Fifth Ave. North.
Wm. Albertson, California Fruit Store, Fifth Ave. North.
S.P. Strout, Bakery, Confectionery, Cigars, Etc., Front St.
Kirk, Allen & Hathhorn, General Hardware, Front St.
John J. Roper, Lumber and Farm Machinery, Front St.
Gasal & Co., Saloon and Billiards, Front St.
Herman Boer, General Blacksmithing, Third Ave. North.
W.E. Dodge, Attorney at Law, Main St.
G.A. Brand & Co., Groceries and Provisions, Fourth Ave. South.
Bowman & Lyon, General Merchandise, Fifth Ave. North.
P.M. Daley, Senate Saloon, Fifth Ave. North.
Clarke & Co., Builders Hardware, Fifth Ave. South.
Martin and Halstead, Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, Second St.
H.E. Mueller, General Merchandise, Fifth Ave. South.
Slowey & Thomas, General Hardware, Fifth Ave. South.
Geo. Meisel, Dakota House Barber Shop, Fifth Ave. South.
Foster & Denison, Millinery and Fancy Goods, Fifth Ave. South.
F. E. Thorold, Physician and Surgeon, Fifth Ave. South.
R. C. Thorold, Jeweler, Fifth Ave. South.
Thomas Driscol, Saloon and Billiards, Front St.
O.C. Wonnenberg & Co., Drugs, Books and Stationery, Front St.
Gallinger & McFarlane, General Blacksmithing, Fourth Ave. North.
Goodrich & Johnston, Farm Machinery, Wagons, Carriages, Etc., Front St.
M. Ducker, Harness, Trunks, etc., Main St.
Chas. Werner, Saloon and Billiards, Main St.
Marshall McClure, Editor Daily and Weekly Alert, Main St.
John A. Moored, Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, Second St.
D.C. Buck, General Merchandise, Wholesale and Retail, 5th Ave. South.
McMillan & Frye, Attorney at Law, Fifth Ave. South.
Moorehead Bros., Blacksmithing, Well Drilling, Milling Pumps, etc., Fifth Ave. South.