Historic Map - Key West, FL - 1884

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Bird's eye view of Key West, Fla., Key West Island, C.S. Monroe Co., 1884 / Wellge del.

Reproduction historic map of Key West, Florida published in 1884. Cigar manufactories figure prominently in the list of businesses referenced on the map, as Key West developed as a thriving cigar-making center during the late 1800's.

This map captures the town of Key West as it appeared twenty eight years before the Overseas Railway and Overseas Highway connected the town with the mainland.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  1. U. S. Naval Depot.
  2. U. S. Custom House.
  3. U. S. Barracks.
  4. Fort Taylor.
  5. Marine Hospital.
  6. Sand Batteries.
  7. Govt. Batteries.
  8. U. S. Court House.
  9. County Court House and Jail.
10. Catholic Convent.
12. Catholic Church.
13. Episcopal Church.
14. Baptist Church.
15. Methodist Church.
17. African M. E. Churches.
18. African Baptist.
19. Public School.
20. Douglas School.
21. Masonic Hall.
22. Odd Fellows Hall.
23. African Masonic Hall.
24. African Odd Fellows Hall.
25. City Hall.
26. Cemetery.
27. International Telegraph Office.
28. John J. Philbrick, Commission Merchant.
29. John J. Philbrick's Wharves and Warehouses.
30. Wm. Curry, General Merchandise.
31. G. W. Ferguson, General Merchandise.
32. John White, General Merchandise.
33. W. D. Cash, Groceries, provisions and Ship Chandlery.
34. A. Sariol, General Merchandise.
35. Williams & Warren, Furniture Dealers.
36. Fogarty & Johnson, Groceries, provisions and Ship Chandlery.
37. J. J. Delaney, Clothing, Gents' Furnishing Goods, Boots, Shoes, etc.
38. John McKillip, Boots and Shoes.
39. D. T. Sweeny, Bottler of Mineral Water, Lager Beer, etc.
40. D. T. Sweeny, Saloon and Billiard Parlor.
41. J. H. Gregory's Cigar Manufactories Nos. 10 and 96.
42. L. W. Pierce, Clothing and Gents' Furnishings, etc.
43. Samuel Filer, Dealer in Lumber, Lath and Shingles.
44. John Lowe, Jr., Groceries and Ship Chandlery.
45. Estate of Henry Lowe, General Merchandise.
46. Theo. Pinder, Groceries, Provisions, etc.
47. Alpheus Lowe, Tin Copper and Sheet Iron Work.
48. Louis A. Greaux, watches, Clocks and Jewelry.
49. Geo. W. Maslin, Groceries and Bakery.
50. J. J. Warren, Watches, Clocks and Jewelry.
51. Curry & Curtis, General Merchandise.
52. Perz & Navarro's Cigar Manufactories Nos. 49, 97 & 117.
53. Gideon Lowe, Sr., Dry Goods, Groceries and Ship Chandlery.
54. John F. Wellacott's Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor.
55. Cayetano Soria's Cigar Manufactories, Nos. 23 and 75.
56. Estate J. P. Roberts, Dry Goods, Groceries and Ship Chandlery.
57. S. S. Lowe, Dry Goods and Groceries.
58. John W. Sawyer, Clothing, Gents' Furnishing, Boots and Shoes, Hats, Caps, etc.
59. J. P. Hanson, General Blacksmithing.
60. R. J. Perry, Druggist.
61. B. Albury & Son, General Merchandise.
62. John Schuerer, Dry Goods, Groceries and Bakery.
63. Wm. H. Williams, General Blacksmithing.
64. Richard Curry, Saloon.
65. John W. Weatherford, Saloon.
66. A. A. Brooks, Livery, Feed and Sale Stable.
67. W. C. Harris, General Merchandise.
68. B. B. Whalton, Dry Goods and Groceries.
69. Henry C. Albury, General Merchandise.
70. Robert J. Pent, Crockery, Glassware and Notions.
71. Philip Thompson, Editor "Key West Democrat".
72. A. F. Tift, Commission Merchant, Steamship Agent and Ship Broker, Wharves, Wharehouses, Bituminous and Anthracite Coals.
73. Coleman & Barlum, Auctioneers and General Commission Merchants.
74. Rosabelle Thompson, Manufacturer of Fancy Shell Work, and Dealer in Marine Curiosities.
75. C. F. Kemp, Dentist.
76. E. H. Stillman & Co., Saloon.
77. Russel House, Chas. T. Merrill, Manager.
78. H. A. Crane, Editor, "Key of the Gulf"

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