Historic Map - DeLand, FL - 1884

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Bird's eye view of De Land, Fla., Volusia County, 1884 / H. Wellge, Milwaukee ; Beck & Pauli, lith., Milwaukee, Wis.

Reproduction "Bird's Eye View" map of DeLand, Florida published in 1884. The first settler in this area of wild Persimmon trees and natural springs, known as "Persimmon Hollow", was Captain John Rich, who built a log cabin here in 1876. The cabin is referenced and appears on the map. This site was visited by Henry Addison DeLand in 1876, who envisioned opportunity for development as an agricultural and tourism center for citrus growers. De Land was from Fairport, New York, where he had built a fortune on baking soda. He founded the town and named it DeLand, after himself, though he was never actually a full-time resident.

To attract settlers to the new town, DeLand offerred a "buy-back" guarantee on their investments, promising to buy back the land from investors if the crops failed within two years. The map clearly shows that development had been brisk over the eight years since the towns inception. This map captures the town of DeLand just one year before the freeze of 1885 ruined the orange crop. Most of the settlers who invested in DeLand came from upstate New York and it is unclear how many investors were paid back by DeLand after the freeze. DeLand's investment was rendered nearly worthless and he returned to New York.

The Dreka's General Merchandise Store is shown on the map, which is occupied by today's South Trust Bank.

Features numbered & lettered references to the following locations:

 A. Episcopal Church.
 B. Baptist Church.
 C. Presbyterian Church.
 D. Methodist Church.
 E. Roman Catholic Church.
 F. Colored M. E. Church.
 G. Colored Baptist Church.
  1. Parce Land Hotel.
  2. DeLand Grove House.
  3. Floral Grove House.
  4. Waverly House.
  5. Olive Branch Hotel.
  6. Pine Castle Hotel.
  7. McLaurine & Stockton, General Merchandise and Real Estate.
  8. McNeill & Allen, Furniture.
  9. Whitcomb & Jordon, Tinware.
10. Volusia County Bank.
11. J. Y. Parce, Real Estate.
12. Mrs. Hutchins, Millinery.
13. A. H. Stockton, General Merchandise.
14. William Klapp, Hardware.
15. Swift Brothers, General Merchandise.
16. W. W. & W. S. Cleveland, General Merchandise.
17. McLeod & Co., General Merchandise.
18. McNeill & Allen, Undertakers.
19. The Florida Agriculturist.
20. The Orange Ridge Echo.
21. Davis Brothers, General Merchandise.
22. J. V. Erhart, Bakery and Confections.
23. Artist.
25. Barber Shop.
26. C. H. & S. B. Wright, Real Estate.
27. Masonic Lodge and Store.
28. Dr. J. N. Bishop, office.
29. C. A. Miller, Livery Stable, and Baggage and Freight Transfer Office.
30. H. A. Tanner, Livery Stable.
31. Ross & Jorden, Carriage Factory.
32. Dr. Fisher, Drug Store.
32. Real Estate Agency of M. N. Voorhis.
33. J. W. Cannon, Photograph Gallery, and Dr. Gillen's office.
34. G. A. Dreka & Co., General Merchandise.
34. E. R. Dean, Real Estate and Proprietor of Dean's Addition.
35. Public School.
36. Academy, Dr. Griffith, Principal.
37. Railroad Depot.
38. First House in DeLand, built in 1876 by John Rich. (The name John Rich appears as a hand-written correction on the map.)

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