Historic Map - Cedar Key, FL - 1884

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Bird's eye view of Cedar-Key, Fla., Levy Co. Beck & Pauli, litho.

Reproduction "Bird's Eye View" map of Cedar Key, Florida published in 1884. Cedar Key gets its name from the many Junipers that grow there which early settlers mistook for Cedars. Artifacts that indicate human inhabitants dating back to 500 B.C. have been found in the region around Cedar Key, and a 2,000 year old skeleton was found there in 1999. The first cartographic reference dates to 1542, when a Spanish cartographer labeled the point "Las Islas Sabines".

The Seminole Indians occupied the area of islands when Europeans arrived and permanent occupation by the United States began in 1839 with the establishment of "Fort No. 4" by General Zachary Taylor on Depot Key (later known as Atsena Otie Key). A large hurricane struck the area in 1842, causing extensive damage. The Cedar Keys became available for settlement under the Armed Occupation Act of 1842. The Cedar Key Lighthouse was completed in 1854. Two mills began producing cedar slats for shipment to northern pencil factories by 1860.

The Florida Railroad arrived in Cedar Key 1861, just weeks before the start of the Civil War. Cedar Key was raided by the USS Hatteras in January, 1862, when several ships and buildings were destroyed. The Union occupied the Cedar Keys from early 1864 through the remainder of the war.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  1. U. S. Custom House, J. Hirst, Col.
  2. Public School.
  3. Episcopal Church.
  4. African Churches.
  5. Eagle Pencil Co.'s Cedar Mill. J. E. Richards, Supt.
  6. Faber Pencil Co.'s Cedar Mill. Henry Winter, Supt.
  7. Fennimore Steam Saw and Planing Mill. Chas. A. Fairchild, Proprietor.
  8. Saw Mills.
  9. Suwanee Hotel. R. H. McIlvaine, Proprietor.
10. Bettelini Hotel. O. Bettelini, Proprietor.
12. Gulf House. A. B. Wheelock, Proprietor.
13. Magnolia House. T. L. Carter, Proprietor.
14. C. B. Rogers & Co., Wholesale and Retail Dealers in General Merchandise.
15. E. J. Luduloh, Attorney at Law.
16. J. S. Bodiford, Druggist and Toilet Articles.
17. Nicholas Schlemmer, Bakery and Groceries.
18. Walpole & Ellis, General Merchandise.
19. Wm Batty & Son, Gulf Market.
20. W. H. Brown, General Merchandise.
21. Robert N. Boyed, Restaurant.
22. Warren Morton, Fancy Groceries.
23. W. K. Zewadski, General Merchandise.
24. Cottrell, Finlayson & Scott, General Merchandise.
25. Marshall & Campbell, Attorneys at Law.
26. F. A. Wolf & Co., General Merchandise.
27. W. P. Bickel, Photographer.
28. W. T. Gibson, General Merchandise.
29. C. J. Bradshaw, Groceries, Wines, Liquors, Cigars, etc.
30. I. O. Andrews & Co., Ladies' and Gents' Furnishing Goods.
31. Fred S. Gore, Books, Stationery and Job Printing.
31. J. Ira Gore, Editor "Florida State Journal"
32. T. W. Davis, Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Billiards.
33. F. T. & P. R. R. Co.'s Depot.

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