Historic Map - Raleigh, NC - 1872

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View of Raleigh, Wake County, N.C., 1872 / drawn & published by C. Drie.

This bird’s-eye view print of Raleigh, North Carolina was drawn and published by C. Drie in 1872. In the years following the American Civil War, Raleigh became an important educational hub for former slaves seeking instruction in the new opportunities of the day.

A state-run deaf and blind school for African Americans operated in Raleigh, as well as the Episcopal church-funded St. Augustine School. Shaw University was known as Shaw Collegiate Institute in 1872. Its female dormitory Estey Hall was added in 1873.

Peace Institute finally opened its doors to provide education of liberal arts in 1872, after being temporarily used as a hospital during wartime.

Raleigh could be reached by the North Carolina Railroad, the Raleigh & Augusta Railway or the Raleigh & Gaston Railroad during this era. The Raleigh & Gaston line maintained valuable machine shops and yards in Raleigh.

The map includes labeled streets, buildings and railroad routes. It features inset illustrations of the following:

  • Penitentiary (in Construction).
  • Lunatic Asylum. Rear View.

Features references to the following locations:


  • Capitol.
  • Lunatic Asylum.
  • Penitentiary.
  • Deaf and Dumb Asylum.
  • Deaf and Dumb Asylum (Colored).
  • Fair Grounds.
  • Governor’s Mansion.


  • Court House.
  • Jail.
  • Market House.
  • Post Office.


  • Episcopal.
  • Presbyterian.
  • Methodist.
  • Baptist.
  • Catholic.
  • St. Paul Episcopal.
  • Methodist Chapel.
  • Colored Episcopal.
  • Colored Baptist.
  • 2nd Colored Baptist.
  • Colored Methodist.


  • St. Mary’s College.
  • Peace Institute.
  • Baptist School.
  • Raleigh Male Academy.
  • Shaw Collegiate Institute.
  • St. Augustine School.
  • Colored Methodist School.
  • Rail Road Depot.
  • United States Barracks.
  • City Cemetery.
  • New Cemetery.
  • Confederate Cemetery.
  • U. S. Cemetery.
  • Tucker’s Hall.
  • Masonic Hall.


  • Gas Works.
  • Raleigh & Gaston R. R. Machine Shops.
  • N. C. Agricultural Machine Works.
  • Adams & Sons Foundry.
  • Blind & Sash Factory.
  • Blind & Sash Factory.
  • Saw Mill.


  • National Hotel.
  • Yarborough House.
  • City Hotel.