Historic Map - Roanoke, VA - 1891

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Perspective map of the city of Roanoke, Va. 1891.

Reproduction Perspective Map of Roanoke, Virginia, published by the American Publishing Co. in 1891. Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the city of Roanoke was first known as "Big Lick", and was established in 1852. Named for the large salt deposit near the Roanoke River, Big Lick was renamed Roanoke in 1882 when it was selected as the site for the junction of the Shenandoah Valley Railroad and the Norfolk & Western Railroad, it was chartered as an independent city in 1884. The site's location had been an important transportation hub since colonial times, with the Great Wagon Road, one of the most important roads of the seventeenth century, passing through the Roanoke Gap to branch off on to the Wilderness Road, heading southwest to Tennessee. There was also a stop at Big Lick on the Virginia and Tennessee Railroad as early as the 1850's. The presence and expansion of the railroads attracted manufacturers to the booming transportation center and the city became known as "Magic City", for its rapid rate of growth.

The following sites are featured as inset illustrations on the map:

Norwich Lock Manufacturing Company.
General Offices of Norfolk & Western Rail Road.
City Court House.
1st Ward Public School.
Commercial National Bank.
The Hotel Roanoke.
Fidelity Building.
Academy of Music.
Residence of E. H. Stewart.
The Terry Building.
The Old Home of Geo. Tayloe.
Hotel Ponce De Leon.

Features numbered & lettered references to the following locations:

  1. Post Office.
  2. City Court House.
  3. Roanoke Academy of Music.
  4. Roanoke Opera House.
  5. Roanoke Fire Department.
  6. City Jail.
  7. Mill Mountain Observatory.
  8. Roanoke Real Estate Exchange (Times Building).

  9. Hotel Roanoke.
10. Hotel Ponce De Leon.
11. Hotel Felix.
12. Continental Hotel.
13. Palace Hotel.
14. Marshals Hotel.
15. Hotel Brunswick.
16. Lee Hotel.

17. Norfolk & Western R. R. Passenger Station.
18. Norfolk & Western R. R. Freight Depot.
17. Shenandoah Valley Passenger Station (N. & W. R. R.).
18. Shenandoah Valley Freight Depot (N. & W. R. R.).
19. Roanoke & Southern Passenger Station.
20. Roanoke & Southern Freight Depot.
21. Norfolk & Western General Offices.
19. Roanoke & Southern General Offices.
22. Salem Dummy Line.
23. Vinton Dummy Line.
24. Borer Narrow Gauge R. R.

"Roanoke Daily & Weekly Times".
"Roanoke Daily & Weekly Herald".
"Roanoke Daily & Weekly Evening World:.
"Iron Belt".

25. Roanoke Machine Works.
26. Roanoke Iron Company (200-ton furnace, muck bar mill and plate mill).
27. Crozer Steel and Iron Company.
28. Roanoke Gas and Water Company.
29. Roanoke Spike Factory.
30. Roanoke Brick Works.
31. Adams Bros. & Payne, Brick Yards.
32. West End Brick and Tile Works.
33. Gambill Flouring Mill Company.
34. Virginia Brewing Co.
35. American Bridge Works.
36. Roanoke Rolling Mills.
37. Diamond Ice Company.
38. Riffe's Hydraulic Engine Works.
39. Roanoke Ice Company.
40. Roanoke Milling Company.
41. Roanoke Canning and Preserving Company.
42. Mattress Factory.
43. Bridgewater Carriage Company of Roanoke.
44. Roanoke Electric Light Company.
45. P. L. Terry Milling Company.
46. Roanoke Manufacturing Company.
47. Fishburns Tobacco Factory.
48. Paper Bag Factory.
49. Sash, Blind and Door Factory.
50. Roanoke Shelf Hardware Co.
51. Roanoke Blanket Mills.
52. Duval Engine Works.
53. The Bell Printing and Mfg. Co.
54. Hammond Printing Co.
55. Elevator.
56. Roanoke Black Marble Co.
57. Roanoke Cold Storage Co.

Roanoke Development Co.
Crystal Spring Land Co.
Buena Vista Land Co.
Jeannette Land Co.
Melrose Land Co.
Belmont Land Co.
Roanoke Gas & Water Co.
The Virginia Land Co.
The Oakland Improvement Co.
Eureka Land Co.
Silvan Heights.
Wall Land Co.
Pleasant Valley Land Co.
Lanesdown Land Co.
Hyde Park Land Co.
Creston Land Co.
Jefferson Land Co.
Exchange Building and Investment Co.
Inter Urban Land Co.

A. Lutheran, St. Marks.
B. Lutheran Chapel.
C. Episcopal, St. John's.
D. Catholic, St. Andrew's.
E. Presbyterian, Chapel.
F. A. M. E. South.
G. A. High St. Baptist.
H. African First Baptist.
 I.  Calvary Baptist.
 J. M. E. South, Greene Memorial.
K. Methodist Episcopal.
L. Presbyterian.
M. Christian.
N. First Baptist.