Historic Map - Waynesboro, VA - 1891

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Perspective map of the city of Waynesboro, Va.

Historic perspective map of Waynesboro, Virginia, published by the American Publishing Co. in 1891, reprint.

An inset map is featured that details Waynesboro's Railway connections. The map features charming inset illustrations of the following sites:

Hotel Brunswick.
Valley Seminary (Female).
Fishburne Military School.
Waynesboro Co.'s Offices, Bank of Waynesboro, "Waynesboro Times", Waynesboro Business College.
Masonic Bldg. & Opera House.

The statistic given below the title illustrates the rapid growth of the town:

"Population: May 1st, 1890 - 1,000; May 1st, 1891, - 2,500."

 "A more favored location for beauty, health and substantial business enterprises, cannot be found in America. It is in the centre of the Shenandoah Valle, one of the most favored agricultural regions in the United States, about 1400 feet above the sea level and is a prosperous and thriving town at the crossing of the Chesapeake & Ohio railway with the Shenandoah Valley railroad, the latter a part of the Norfolk & Western, offering an all-rail outlet to the North and South via Shenandoah Valley R. R.; to the Northeast and West via the great trunk line of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway."

Features numbered & lettered references to the following locations:

  1. Waynesboro Stove Works.
  2. Waynesboro Ornamental Wood Works.
  3. Sash Blind and Door Factory Lumber Yards, Lambert Bros., Props.
  4. Furniture Factory and Planing Mill, Alexander Bros. Props.
  5. Furniture Factory.
  6. Waynesboro Creamery.
  7. Rife Hydraulic Ram Mfg. Co.
  8. Waynesboro Flouring Mills (Patent Process).
  9. Waynesboro Elevators.
10. Critzer Wagon and Carriage Factory.
11. Harlow Coal Yards.
12. Waynesboro Brick Yards.
13. Hampton Brick Yards.
14. Ellison's Hay Compress.
15. Barrel Factory.
16. Basic City Hardware Co.
17. Basic City School Desk Factory.
18. Basic City Paper Fabrique Factory.
19. Basic City Match Factory.

20. Chesapeake & Ohio Rail Road Passenger Depot.
21. Chesapeake & Ohio Rail Road Freight Depot.
22. Proposed Depot & Belt Line of Norfolk & Western Rail Road.
23. Junction of Chesapeake & Ohio Rail Road & Norfolk & Western Rail Road.

24. Hotel Bruswick, furnished with soft Free Stone Water.
25. Hotel Killian.CHURCHES.
27. M. E. Church (South).
28. Presbyterian Church.
29. 1st Baptist Church.
30. 2nd Baptist Church.
31. Colored M. E. Church.
32. Colored Baptist Church.

33. Public Graded School.
34. Valley Seminary (Female).
35. Fishburne Military School.
36. Waynesboro Business College, J. W. Cook, Principal.
37. Graded Colored School.

38. The Waynesboro Times "Electric", J. T. Booz, Editor & Prop.
39. Waynesboro & Basic City Electric Street R. R.

40. Amazon Springs, has a daily flow of seven million gallons of soft water.
41. Hotel Brunswick Park and Springs.

42. Town of Waynesboro.
43. The Waynesboro Company.
44. West Waynesboro Land Company.
45. Wayne Land Company.
46. Waynesboro & Basic City Land Co.
47. Amazon Mineral Springs Co.
48. Central Land Co.
49. The Riverside Company.
50. Property of Basic City Company.
51. Water Tower.
52. City Offices.