Historic Map - Sacramento, CA - 1850

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Sacramento City, Ca. : from the foot of J. Street, showing I., J., & K. Sts. with the Sierra Nevada in the distance / C. Parsons ; drawn Dec. 20th 1849 by G.V. Cooper ; lith. of Wm. Endicott & Co., N. York

The city of Sacramento was founded in 1848 on the Pacific coast, and quickly grew due to the California Gold Rush. It was incorporated into a city in 1850, and later became the state's capital in 1854. Complete reference list below.

Features lettered references to the following locations:

A - Hensley, Redding & Co.
B - Peoples Market
C - T. McDowell & Co.
D - S. Taylor
E - Round tent (S. Weeks)
F - Montgomery & Warbous (Zinz Store)
G - Myrick Nelson & Co.
H - The Gem
 I - Desperker Brothers
J - Machonikins
K - Oregon Bowling Saloon
L - Colton Hoxie & Co.
M - R. M Gessup & Co.
N - Robert M. Folger
O - Barnes Hotel
P - Van Dornis Hotel
Q - Gondola
R - H.R. Robinson & Co. (Post Office)
S - Empire
T - Mansion House (formerly S. Brannon's Store)
U - United States Hotel
V - J.B. Starr & Co.
W - Jackson's Hotel
X - Lount & Co. Express Office

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