Historic Map - Seymour, CT - 1879

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View of Seymour, Conn. 1879.

Beautiful reproduction of a hand colored bird's-eye view map of Seymour, CT, created and published by O. H. Bailey & Co. in 1879. Seymour was incorporated as a town in 1850. Industries began to cover the banks of the nearby Naugatuck River, using its swift brooks and tributaries to power their grist mills, corn mills and paper mills. The area produced cotton cloth, paper, furniture and tools. Railroads were shipping merchandise made in Seymour nationwide. Many new industries opened factories in, or near, Seymour. Austin Goodyear Day began producing a type of telegraph cable that could be used under the ocean, bringing clear intercontinental communications. The H. P. & E. Day Company produced hardened rubber pens and pencils. Later this would become the Bic Pen Company. Thomas James invented a method of producing polished copper and formed the New Haven Copper Company. In 1878 Seymour Manufacturing Company was founded, producing brass, German silver and copper wire for telephones and telegraphs.

The map features clearly labeled street names with lively scenes of railroad, pedestrian and carriage traffic. Included are inset illustrations of:

The New Haven Copper Co. Works
Residence of Thos. James
H. B. Beecher M'f'y of Augers & Bitts
James Swan Manufactories of Mechanic's Tools 

Complete reference list below.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  1. Naugatuck R. R. Station. T. B. Beach, Agt.
  2. Humphrey House. J. W. Meredith, Prop.
  3. Wooster House. A. B. Dunham, Prop. Livery & Sale Stable connected with the House
  4. Seymour House.
  5. Congregational Church.
  6. Methodist Church.
  7. Trinity Episcopal Church.
  8. Roman Catholic Church.
  9. New Haven Copper Co. Thomas James, President. Franklin Farrel, Secretary.
10. James Swan (Successor to the Douglas Manufacturing Co.) Manufacturer of Mechanics' Tools.
11. H. B. Beecher. Manufacturer of Augers and Bitts.
12. Carlos French. Manufacturer of Steel Car Springs.
13. U. S. Pin Co.
14. Vulcan Horse Nail Manufactory.
15. Seymour Manufacturing Co. Manufacturers of Sheet Brass and German Silver; also Copper, Brass and German Silver Wire.
16. S. Y. Beach. Paper Manufacturer, Pin Paper a Specialty.
17. Day's Rubber Works.
18. Silk Manufactory. Jas. Smith's Machine Shop in No. 12.
19. W. C. Sharpe. Editor Seymour Record.
20. Post Office. S. H. Canfield, P. M.
21. Wooster, Dean & Buckingham. General Stock Mdse.
22. McEwen & Camp. General Stock Mdse.
23. M. M. Randall. General Stock Mdse.
24. J. A. Cochran. Agent, Groceries
25. Geo. Smith. Druggist, Notions, etc. S. H. Canfield. Drugs and Fancy Goods
26. H. Bradley. Millinery and Fancy Goods.
27. F. P. Aylesworth. Artist in Hair Jewelry.
28. Wm. Morris. Harness Maker.
29. E. F. Bassett. Furniture and House Furnishing Goods.
30. J. N. Popp. Merchant Tailor.
31. Michael McNerney. Blacksmith.
32. Stuart & Durand. Truss Manufacturers.
33. T. Sharpe. Carpenter and Builder.
34. David Tucker. Feed Store.
35. H. A. Ryder. Livery and Feed Stable. David Tucker, Deputy Sheriff.
36. Residence and Office of Judge H. B. Munson
37. Residence and Office of F. W. Pulford, M. D. (Homeopathic)
38. Residence and Office of Joshua Kendall, M. D.
39. Residence and Office of S. C. Johnson, M. D.
40. Residence and Office of E. R. Warren, M. D.

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