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1892 Tallapoosa, Ga. Haralson Co. Drawn & published by Geo. E. Norris. Burleigh, lith. co.

Bird's eye view map of Tallapoosa, Georgia, drawn and published by George E. Norris and Burleigh Lithograph in 1892. Beginning as a gold-mining town, Tallapoosa was known by several names in its early days, including Possum Snout, Pineville and Pine Grove. The Indian name of Tallapoosa was taken from the nearby river known by that name. In 1839, Tallapoosa established a post office and the town was incorporated in 1860.

The Lithia Springs Hotel and Park are referenced on the map. A group of northern investors conceived and completed the project in 1882, the same year that the railroad arrived in Tallapoosa. It featured 175 rooms and an elevator, and was considered to be the largest wooden building in the South at this time. The mineral springs on its grounds were in high demand as was the thirteen acre park with riding trails, tennis courts and bowling alleys. The trip to Tallapoosa from New York City took 32 hours by train and cost less than forty dollars for a round trip ticket.

An unusual statement, verifying the accuracy of the map appears in the lower margin:

 "On this 18th day of February, 1892, before me, G. F. Quackinbush, a Notary Public in and for Haralson County, appeared Geo. E. Norris, who being sworn, deposes and says that the above view is a correct representation of the number and character of the buildings in Tallapoosa, no more having been shown than are built or in construction at this time, together with the general lay of the land and appearance of the same.

 Sworn to before me this 18th day of February, 1892. GEO. E. NORRIS.
 G. F. Quackinbush, Notary Public, Haralson Co. Ga."

Detailed illustrations of the following buildings appear across the top and bottom of the map:

S. C. Littlefield's Block: Reed & Howe, Real Estate and Insurance.
The Southern Emery Wheel Co., High Grade Emery and Corundum Wheel Manufacturers.
T. S. Montgomery, Real Estate & Stock Broker.
The Free Public School.
Lithia Springs Hotel.
Merchants' & Miners' Bank.
W. W. Summerlin, Real Estate, Stocks & Bonds.
Geo. M. Williams Block.
Henry Martin & Son, Real Estate.
The Howe Ventilating Stove Co., President: H. Howe, Vice President: Wm. Howe, Secretary and Treasurer: W. D. Howe. "The Renowned Howe Ventilating Stove & Range Manufacturers".
Tallapoosa Lumber Mfg. & Railroad Co., T. S. Chapp, Manager.
Tallapoosa Furnace.
The Piedmont Glass Works.
The Hitchcock Mfg. Co., Carriage, Spring and Farm Wagon Manufacturers.

Illustrations of the following churches also appear as a cluster of small vignettes inset in the lower margin:

Methodist Church (South).
Baptist Church.
Presbyterian Church.
First M. E. Church (Proposed).
Episcopal Church.
Catholic Church.
American Baptist Church.
American Methodist Church.
American Free Academy.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  1. Ga. Ala. Investment & Development Co.'s Office.
  2. Lithia Springs Hotel & Park.
  3. Tallapoosa Hotel.
  4. Ga. Pacific Hotel.
  5. Grand Central Hotel.
  6. Merchant's & Miner's Bank.
  7. Henry Martin & Son, Real Estate.
  8. G. F. Quackinbush & Co., Real Estate & Stocks.
  7. S. S. Rambo, Real Estate & Stock Broker.
  9. Reed & Howe, Real Estate & Insurance.
10. W. W. Summerlin, Real Estate Stocks & Loans.
10. T. S. Montgomery, Real Estate & Stock Broker.
  7. Rinard & Head, Real Estate Agts., Yeager & McBride Addition.
  6. Witney & Scutt, Real Estate & Stocks.
11. B. Frank Hand, Real Estate & Stocks.
10. Bacon & Barrett, Real Estate & Stocks.
  6. Tallapoosa Journal.
15. Daily Dispatch.
12. Geo. M. William's Block.
  9. S. C. Littlefield, Lumber, Coal, Brick, Cement & c., Littlefield's Block.
13. J. T. Tuggle, General Merchandise & Furniture.
14. King & Son, Wholesale & Retail Groceries, Flour, Hay, Grain & c.
15. Post Office.
16. Free Public Schools.
17. Court House.
18. Street Railway Car House.
19. Water Works Pumping Station.
20. Blue Ridge Mountains.


21. The Swift Powder & Cartridge Co.
22. Tallapoosa Iron Furnace.
23. Piedmont Glass Works.
24. The Hitchcock Manufacturing Co.. Carriages, Spring & Farm Wagons.
25. The Howe Ventilating Stove Co., Stoves, Ranges, etc..
26. The Southern Emery Wheel Co., Emery & Corundum Wheels.
27. Hayes Chair Co., Fine Chairs.
28. Tallapoosa Lumber Manufacturing & Rail Road Co.
29. Poosa Manufacturing Co., Sash, Doors, Blinds, etc.
30. Ga. Ala. Co.'s Mill Building.
31. Petry & Richardson, School & Church Furniture.
32. Tallapoosa Reclining Chair Co.
33. Tallapoosa Foundry & Machine Works.
34. Tallapoosa Cabinet Co.
35. The Southern Shoe Co., Ladies' Misses & Children's Shoes.
36. Tallapoosa Ice Factory.
37. Tallapoosa City Bottling Works.
38. Vernon Light & Power Co.
39. Planing Mill, J. J. Taylor.
40. Planing Mill, McBride & Yeager.
41. Crews & Co., Mantels, Mouldings, Wood Turning, etc.
42. Broom Factory.
43. Cotton Mill. (Proposed)
44. Brick Yards, G. F. Walton.
45. Proposed Lake.
46. Tallapoosa Steam Laundry.


Watson & Strickland, General Mdse. & c.
W. M. Chambers, General Mdse. & c.
Tumlin & Co., General Mdse. & c.
C. Munroe, General Mdse. & c.
J. N. Patrick, General Mdse. & c.
J. H. Little, General Mdse. & c.
McBride Bros., General Mdse. & c.
Wm. Crawford, General Mdse. & c.
O. F. Sampson, Hardware.
F. A. Cornell, Hardware.
J. H. Gambrill Jr., Hardware.
Tallapoosa Drug Co., Drugs & c.
F. W. Benson, Drugs, & c.
Boston Dry Goods Store, Dry Goods.
Tallapoosa Dry Goods Co., Dry Goods.
A. P. Damon, Dry Goods.
D. L. Nettleton, Groceries.
M. A. Morris, Groceries.
Van Valkenburgh's Variety Store.
Runds Live Racket Store.
Andrews Bros., Boots & Shoes.
John Holyland, Boots & Shoes.
V. C. Horine, Jeweler.
S. M. Stark, Tailor & Gent's Furnisher.
Model Clothing Co.
J. W. Ball, Books, Stationery & Fancy Goods.
C. Shipman, Meats & Provision.
W. R. Banks, Meats & Provision.
H. H. French, Photographer.
John Holyland, Photographer.
P. J. Nelson, Restaurant & c.
Porter & Weeks, Paints, Oils Wall Papers, etc.
J. R. Leslie, Baker.
H. P. McSweeney, Baker.
Shawmut Livery Stables.
R. E. Cobb, Livery Stable.
Watson & Strickland, Livery Stable.


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