Historic Map - Winstead, CT - 1908

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Bird's eye view of Winstead, Connecticut 1908. By O. H. Bailey.

Reproduction vignette of the community known as Winsted, CT, by O. H. Bailey. Winsted, nicknamed "Laurel City", was founded in 1750 where the Mad River meets the Still River. It quickly became one of the first mill towns in Connecticut. The Gilbert Clock Company was founded in 1871 north of town and became one of the world's largest clockmakers by 1908. The 1908 Winsted booster reads:

"A busy, progressive and substantial town with a large number of varied industries; also one of the most healthful and finest residential places in Connecticut. Exceptionally good educational advantages, and church and charity institutions liberally supported. Sound banks, well managed, with ample capital. Extensive mercantile houses supplying large section of the state. Good service of pure water. Gas and electric lights. Superior fire department. Excellent steam and electric railroad facilities and freight accommodations. Active Business Men's Association, alive to local interests and favorable to further enterprise. Winsted is one of the best known and known for the best that makes a model New England town."

The map features inset illustrations of the Mills of Town Hall, Litchfield County Hospital, Soldiers' Memorial, Henry Gay Residence, J. E. Spaulding Residence, Eugene Potter Residence, First National Bank/Mechanics Savings Bank, Winsted Savings Bank, The Aldrich & Murphy Co. Jewelers, Moore Bros. Insurance Agency, Hurlbut National Bank, John Maher Residence, Arthur Clark Residence, C. H. Leonard Jeweler, Barrett & Kennelly Plumbers, Winsted Monumental Works, H. Allen & Son Coal, St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Baptist Church, Joseph Carey Residence, Wm. L. Camp Residence, G. B. Owen Residence, L. C. Strong Residence, Second Congregational Church, First Congregational Church, Fourth District School, W. L. Gilbert High School, M. E. Church, Borough Building, Memorial Library and I. O. O. F. Block. Also top and bottom border illustrations of The Strong Manufacturing Co., The T. C. Richards Hardware Co., The Carter & Hakes Machine Co., The Morgan Silver Plate Co., The Empire Knife Co., J. W. Roe, Piano Stool Manufactory, The Winsted Manufacturing Co., The Franklin Moore Co., Tiffany & Pickett Lumber and Coal, The George Dudley & Son Co. Tanneries, The Goodwin & Kintz Co., The Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co., The Winsted Edge Tool Co., The Winsted Hosiery Co. and The New England Pin Co.

Complete reference list below.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  • 1. Town Hall
  • 2. Borough Building
  • 3. Beardsley Memorial Library
  • 4. Gilbert High School
  • 5. Public Schools
  • 6. First Congregational Church
  • 7. Second Congregational Church
  • 8. Methodist Episcopal Church
  • 9. St. Joseph's Catholic Church
  • 9A. St. James Episcopal Church
  • 10. Baptist Church
  • 11. Litchfield County Hospital
  • 11A. Gilbert Home for Boys
  • 12. First National Bank
  • 12. Mechanic's Savings Bank
  • 13. Hurlbut National Bank
  • 14. Winsted Savings Bank
  • 15. W. L. Gilbert Clock Co.
  • 16. Winsted Hosiery Co.
  • 17. New England Pin Co.
  • 17. New England Knitting Co.
  • 18. Strong Manufacturing Co.
  • 19. Goodwin & Kintz Co.
  • 20 Carter & Hakes Machine Co.
  • 21. T. C. Richards Hardware Co.
  • 22. Franklin Moore Co.
  • 23. Winsted Manufacturing Co.
  • 24. Empire Knife Co.
  • 25. Morgan Silver Plate Co.
  • 26. Winsted Edge Tool Co.
  • 27. Tiffany & Pickett Lumber and Coal
  • 28. H. Allen & Son Coal and Wood
  • 29. George Dudley & Son Co. Tanneries
  • 30. J. W. Roe Piano Stool Manufactory

The map features clearly labeled street names and the following street address references:

  • Adams, A. W. Foot Wear. 371 Main St.
  • Albers, Charles. Prop. of The West Winsted Bakery. 26 Munro St.
  • Aldrich-Murphy Co., The. Wholesale and Retail Jewelers. 572 Main St.
  • Alford, G. H. Furniture, Hardware and Undertaking. 387 Main St.
  • Allen, Henry & Son. Coal and Wood. Rowley St. cor. Willow, and 410 Main St..
  • Avery, John. Light and Heavy Trucking. Furniture and Piano Moving a Specialty, General Contracting. 12 Perkins St.
  • Barrett & Kennelly. Plumbing, Gas and Steam Fitting. Tin Plate and Metal Roofing. 21 Park Place
  • Barreuther Bros. Cafe and Restaurant. 595 Main St.
  • Beckley, E. R. Contractor and Builder. Jobbing a Specialty. 17 Perkins St.
  • Benjamin, Roscoe. Vehicles, Sleighs, Smart Harness. 44 Elm St.
  • Blodgett, Wm. H. Attorney-at-Law. 430 Main St.
  • Bradford, G. M. Civil Engineer. 63 Meadow St.Bronson Bros. Wholesale Lumber and Builders' Supplies. 451 Main St.
  • Brown Machine Co., The Edward E. Brown. Machinists and Tool Makers. 205 Walnut St.
  • Camp, Caleb J. 671 Main St.
  • Camp, L. L. Dry Goods and Groceries. 277 N. Main St.
  • Canty, Timothy. Agent and Bottler of the Bergner & Engel Brewing Co.'s Products. 215 Main St.
  • Carrington, Geo. M. Fire Insurance, Notary Public, Surety Bonds. Town Hall.
  • Carey, Joseph F. Mason Builder and Contractor145 Prospect St. and 95 Gay St.
  • Carter & Hakes Machine Co., The. Sterling Place
  • Case, Dr. G. C. Dentist. 585 Main St.
  • Central Market, The. A. B. Fancher & Son Proprietors. 99 Main St.
  • Chamberlin, E. R. & Co. Grocers. 317 Main St.
  • Clark, A. L. Dry Goods, Carpets and Paper Hangings. 679 Main St.
  • Comstock, H. S. Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery. 110 Main St.
  • Colt & Co. Men's, Women's and Children's Outfitters. 581 Main St.
  • Dickerman & Pond Co., The. General Hardware. Paints, Oils and Glass. 649 Main St.
  • Deming, Howard M. Printing and Stationery. 657 Main St. The Sterling Press.
  • Eggleston, H. H. Carriage, Sign and Automobile Painting. 7 and 11 Lake St.
  • Frary's Music Store. R. S. Frary Proprietor. 627 Main St.
  • Foster, C. S. Tailor, Clothier and Furnisher. Ladies' Tailoring a Specialty. 645 Main St.
  • Gage, Geo. W. Dry Goods, Carpets, Wall Papers and Window Shades. 386 Main St.
  • Geraty, Wm. T. Wines, Liquors and Cigars. 1 Willow St. cor. Bridge St.
  • Glynn, Jas. P. Postmaster.
  • Glynn, T. H. Dentist. 452 Main St.
  • Griswold, Hallett & Person. Investment Securities. 68 Main St.
  • Hayes Bros. Pianos and Music. 402 Main St.
  • Hayes, J. T. Livery, Feed, Boarding, Hack and Sales Stables. 17 Lake St.
  • Herman, Samuel A. Attorney-at-Law. Main St.
  • Higgins, B. W. Practical Horse Shoer. Greenwood Ave.
  • Higgins, Richard T. Attorney-at-Law and Coroner for Litchfield County. 452 Main St.
  • Hill, Herbert W. Livery, Undertaking and Embalming. 19 Rowley St.
  • Holbrook, J. H. Sanitary Plumbing, Heating, Ventilating, Steam and Gas Fitting, Roofing and Sheet Metal Work, Mill Supplies. 704 Main St.
  • Holdridge, Frank M. Painter and Decorator. Torringford St.
  • Holmes & Gay Investments. 655 Main St.
  • Horne, Col. S. B. Attorney-at-Law. 597 Main St.
  • Hotel Winchester. Schoff & Sauter Proprietors. 398 Main St.
  • Hotel Central. Margaret L. Wheeler Prop. 403 Main St.
  • Hotchkiss, Howard A. Stone Mason and House Mover. 126 Walnut St.Howd, S. G. Physician. 153 Main St.
  • Hull, Edward L. Residence. 111 Holabird Ave.
  • Hunt, C. E. Newsdealer, Cigars, Tobacco, Etc. 3 Bridge St.
  • Judson's Pharmacy. A. F. Judson, Proprietor. 562 Main St.
  • King, E. W. Staple and Fancy Groceries. 524 Main St.
  • King & Gay. Choice Groceries and Fruits. 683 Main St.
  • Lamphier, E. P. Dealer in High Grade Horses. 23 Gay St.
  • Larkin, J. E. Boots, Shoes and Gents' Furnishings. 114 Main St.
  • Lawrence, R. G. Refractionist and Optician. Eyes Examined and Broken Glasses Ground to Duplicate. Prescriptions Filled. 686 Main St.
  • Lee's Apothecaries Hall. 667 Main St.
  • Leonard, C. H. Diamonds, Watches and Jewelry. Cut Glass, Sterling Silver and China. 436 Main St.
  • Maher, John Merchant Tailoring. Hotel Winchester Bldg.
  • Manchester, E. & Sons. Grain, Mill Feeds, Etc. Prospect Hill Farm. Winsted Creamery
  • Manchester, E. & Sons Ice Cream and Confectionery. 516 Main St.
  • Manchester, W. G. Attorney-at-Law. 510 Main St.
  • Marsh, T. W. & Son. Plumbing, Heating and Sheet Metal Work. 18 Pratt St.
  • Martinez, Wm. Cigar Manufacturer. 399 and 621 Main St.
  • McCarthy, Eugene E. Cafe. 175 Main St.
  • Moore Insurance Agency, The (Inc.) Fire, Life and Accident Insurance. 653 Main St.
  • Morgan, B. J. Fruits, Confectionery, Cigars, Tobacco, Etc. Quick Lunch Room. 122 Main St.
  • Morgan's Star Pool Parlor and Stationery Store. Cigars and Tobacco. A. V. Morgan, Prop. 414 Main St.
  • O'Connell, E. Carriage Painter. 19 Gay St.
  • O'Meara, D. J. Meats and Provisions. 424 Main St.
  • Parsons, E. B. Contractor and Builder. 456 Main St.
  • Pierre, Henry J. Fire Insurance. 72 Main St.
  • Platt & Coe. Flour, Grain, Feed, Lime, Cement, Etc. 12 Lake St.
  • Pratt, E. L. Physician.596 Main St.
  • Reutter, Albert. Carriage Repairing and General Jobbing. 23 Gay St.Richards, Benjamin & Co. Mfrs. Upholstery Hardware. 118 Lake St.
  • Robinson, C. T. Contractor, Tar Concrete a Specialty. 84 Pratt St.
  • Russell, H. A. Restaurant. 13 to 19 Elm St.
  • Ryan, James. Builder and Contractor. 69 Crescent St.
  • Sage, Francis. Real Estate. 422 Main St.
  • Seymour, Frank W. Attorney-at-Law. 338 Main St.
  • Smith, Geo. M. Residence. 97 Hinsdale Ave.
  • Smith, John A. Residence. 43 Spencer St.
  • Smith& Munn. Attorneys. 643 Main St.
  • Spencer, H. & Son. Trucking and Furniture Moving. 30 Main St.
  • Sweet, H. M. Contractor and Builder and Mfr. of Step Ladders. 62 Wetmore Ave.
  • Sykes, O. D. Tin and Sheet Metal Worker. Plumbing, Steam and Gas Fitting. Hot Air Work a Specialty. 373 Main St.
  • Tiffany & Pickett. Lumber, Coal, Wood and Building Material. 119 Rowley St.
  • Tiffany, F. B. Meats and Provisions. 633 Main St.
  • Tiffany, W. H. Residence. 220 East Lake St.
  • Waldron, D. S. Furniture and Piano Moving, Light and Heavy Trucking and General Contracting, Hard and Soft Wood for Sale. Gilbert Ave. near Holabird Ave.
  • Ward, W. G. Agent M. Sonnenberg Piano Co. 617 Main St.
  • Warner's Markets. J. A. Warner, Prop. 377 and 397 Main St.
  • Winchester Stable, The. Hale and Bull, Proprietors. Livery, Feed and Boarding Stable
  • Winsted Gas Co. Office and Works. 32 Case St.
  • Winsted Monumental Works. Orville, H. Ripley, Prop. Artistic Memorials in Marble and Granite. Main St.


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