Historic Railroad Map of Maryland & Pennsylvania - 1853

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Map of the Philadelphia and Baltimore Railroad.

This map displaying an area between Philadelphia and Baltimore was published in 1853. Its contributors were Benjamin H. Latrobe and William Strickland. It was drawn by John C Trautwine.

Trautwine was a civil engineer who worked on projects across the globe. Most familiarly, he surveyed for the Panama Railway in 1850 and was heard to claim that a canal through Panama was impossible to build.

The Philadelphia & Baltimore Railroad’s chief engineers during the 1850's were Benjamin Latrobe II, son of the great architect who designed the United States Capital Building, Benjamin Henry Latrobe, and William Strickland, an ex-student of the elder Latrobe’s, who collaborated with Junior Latrobe on a number of projects.

Strickland and Latrobe were early supporters of America’s Greek Revival movement. Strickland designed the Second Bank of the United States and the Merchant’s Exchange Building in Philadelphia, as well as the Tennessee State Capital in Nashville.

The Junior Latrobe was an architect in his own rights, mainly designing railroad bridges and viaducts. He designed the arched Thomas Viaduct in Maryland.

This map indicates drainage, cities, towns, post roads, steamboat routes, and boundaries.

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