Historic Railroad Map of the Middle Atlantic States - 1850

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Map of the Railroads and Canals connecting the Coal Estate of the Broad Mountain Improvement Co.

This outline map showing Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, and Washington DC was published in the 1850's by Augustus Kollner. It features major cities and towns, and the railroads and canals that connected them. At the upper left is a table of distances from the Coal Estate of the Broad Mountain Improvement Company.

Anthracite coal was first discovered in Pennsylvania in the 1760's. Its importance gained much attention and soon mines began to emerge throughout the southern and eastern portions of Pennsylvania, as well as the Cumberland area of Maryland. Originally the coal was transported by wagon or by barge through canals.

By the 1850's, demand for coal was at an all-time high. It was now common to find coal fueling factories, buildings, and railroad locomotives. Transportation of the ore was of utmost concern. The Broad Top Mountain Improvement Company was organized to oversee the coal’s extraction from Broad Top Mountain. New lines added to New York State's railroad system, during the 1850's, provided connections into Pennsylvania. A large number of railroad and branch connections were built during that decade to transport coal from mines in eastern Pennsylvania to New York State's industrial areas.

The Huntingdon & Broad Top Mountain Railroad was built in the early 1850's to transport coal from the mountain's coal region to Huntingdon, where it could be shipped all the way to Philadelphia by-way-of Pennsylvania's Central Railroad.

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