Historic Railroad Map of the Southeast United States - 1923

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Rand, McNally Indexed Map of the Southeastern States (Cotton States) of the United States.

In the years surrounding World War I, segregation in the southern states, along with increasing racism and violence, inspired many thousands of southern African-Americans to resettle to northern regions in what was termed the Great Migration. As rumors of employment in the north circulated, by such efforts as the growing meat packing industry, and the expanding railroads, thousands of southern families and individuals relocated to northern cities.

During the first week of 1923, the racially motivated Rosewood Massacre occurred in Rosewood, just a few miles east of Cedar Key in Florida. The conflict left several dead, and Rosewood burned to the ground. Rosewood citizens never returned.

Time magazine began its publication in 1923.

This detailed map was published in 1923 by Rand, McNally & Co. It shows cities, towns, counties, waterways, railroad lines, and steamer routes.