Historic Map - Clark, SD - 1883

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Bird's eye view of Clark, Dakota, county seat Clark Co. 1883. Beck & Pauli, lithographers.

Fine reproduction of a panoramic map of Clark, South Dakota in 1883, barely one year after the town was settled. The first settlement in Clark County was in June of 1879. The "Clark House" (depicted on map), owned and kept by Mrs. M. E. Greenslet, was designated as the official headquarters of the new county. The town-site of Clark was settled in 1882 following the arrival of the Chicago and Northwestern railway. The title notes: "A Town of One Years Growth". See list of referenced people and places below.

The map includes inset illustrations of the following:

J. C. Welling & Co., General Merchandise.
Reed Bros. Lumber Yard.
Clark House, M. E. Greenslet, Proprietor.
Clark Co. Pilot, E. F. Conklin, Proprietor.
Clark Co. Bank, Ware & Co..
Clark Co. Review, Johnson & Hoskins, Proprietors.
Northwestern House, G. W. McSpadden, Proprietor.
Northwestern Livery, F. P. Austin, Proprietor.

This beautiful map provides a look at the beginnings of the city. Complete reference list below.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  1. Proposed Court House.
  2. Public School.
  3. Proposed Congregational Church.
  4. Proposed Methodist Church.
  5. Proposed Flouring Mill.
  6. R. R. Depot.
  7. Clark House, M. E. Greenslet & Co., Proprietors.
  8. Northwestern House, G. W. McSpadden, Proprietor.
  9. Robinson House, Kyle Bros., Proprietors.
10. F. Desnoyers, General Merchandise.
12. Arpin & Moulton, Saloon and Billiard Hall.
13. Bascomb & Ware, General Merchandise.
14. Wright & Wightman, Law, Loan and Real Estate.
14. Strowder & Chaney, Law, Loan and Real Estate.
15. J. W. George & Co., Farm Machinery.
16. E. E. Vilas, Harness, Trunks, etc..
17. Rogers & Fosdyke, General Merchandise.
18. W. A. Stebbins, Billiard Hall, Tobacco, Cigars, Confectionery, etc..
19. E. A. Jordon, General Merchandise.
20. P. B. Schweisguth, Harness, Trunks, etc..
21. S. H. Elrod, Law, Loan and Real Estate.
22. F. Walker, Bakery and Restaurant.
23. Wm. H. Lamb, Hardware and Farm Machinery.
23. Owen Jones, Jeweler.
24. E. C. Carroll, Ice Cream Parlor.
25. Walter S. Hern, Gem Book Store.
26. E. Gale, Jeweler.
27. A. M. Olson, Hardware.