Historic Map - Flandreau, SD - 1883

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Bird's eye view of Flandreau, county seat of Moody Co., Dakota 1883. H. Brosius, del. Beck & Pauli, lithographers.

Fine reproduction of a panoramic map of Flandreau, South Dakota in 1883. Originally settled in 1857; the first settlement was abandoned within one year, due to tensions with the Yankton Sioux tribe. Named for U. S. Indian Agent, Charles E. Flandrau, the town was re-settled in 1869 by twenty-five "Christianized" Sioux families from the Santee reservation. Flandreau was named the county seat of Moody County after the county was reorganized in 1873.

There are two inset illustrations on the map; one is of F. W. Pettigrew's residence and the other is a detailed illustration of buildings along the South Side of Second Avenue. Library of Congress stamp appears on lower right, dated September 7, 1883.

This beautiful map provides a look at the beginnings of the city. Complete reference list below.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

Court House.
School House.
Indian Schools.
Methodist Church.
Catholic Church.
Presbyterian Church.
Indian Episcopal Church.
Indian Presbyterian Church.
Flouring Mill.
Bank of Flandreau, C. E. Thayer, Cashier.
Moody Co. Bank, F. H. McConnell, Cashier.
Flandreau House, M. D. L. Pettigrew, Proprietor.
Sioux Valley House.
Elevator, J. H. McMillan, Manager.
Elevator, W. R. Hyde, Manager.
Lumber Yard, F. E. Minier, Manager.
Lumber Yard, J. S. Thompson, Manager.
F. W. Pettigrew, Real Estate.
J. E. Thibau, Boots and Shoes.
M. M. Jones, Postmaster.
A. Shilling, Meat Market.
R. L. Brown, Hardware.
H. M. Williamson, Editor Enterprise.
S. A. Heath, Harness, Saddlery, etc..
S. N. Neperud, General Merchandise.
Geo M. DeGroff, Attorney and Judge Probate.
H. E. Heald, Meat Market.
N. M. Bates, Barber.
A. G. Bernard, Editor Herald.
W. A. Clark, Harness, Saddlery, etc..
Wm. Dunn, Blacksmith and Wagon Shop.
C. D. Pratt, Attorney at Law.
Al. Pickett, Blacksmith and Wagon Shop.
Mrs. E. Close, Bakery and Restaurant.
Albert Erstad, livery, Feed & Sale Stable.
E. A. Barlow, General Merchandise.
F. J. Shields & Co., Agricultural Implements.
P. C. Davis, Saloon and Billiard Hall.